February 02, 2017


If you don't get it and you are still trying then it means you are going to become successful. A lot of people will quit right away once they don't get it once, they will accept that it is not for them and will make a lot of excuses so other people won't see them as weak and incapable of succeeding.

If you can't get it then it means you are still trying, it means you are still on the process. It is just a matter of time before you get it, you just need to continue being patient and persevering.

It doesn't matter if you are struggling, what matters is you are still trying and you will never quit. If you can't get it then it only means it is for you. It is for you because even if it is hard, you still keep pushing and finding ways how to become successful.

It is hard to get it but the only reason why you are still moving is you know that you are going to become successful one day, you just don't know the exact time but you are one hundred percent sure that it is going to happen.

And that determination alone is a living proof that you are going to become successful. Because what is the point of your suffering if you are not going to become victorious? all of your efforts will not be wasted. Time is just testing you how strong you are, it is testing you if you are really deserving. And you can only convince it by staying on the grind and moving one step closer each day to success.

Continue to embrace the struggle, continue to keep taking actions even if you are not seeing any progress. It is just a matter of time. Your will is enough, you don't need to ask fora lot of things or support. Just keep moving forward and eventually you will get there.

People were so blinded by the pain that they are getting for taking so much actions and not seeing any result. They thought that they really can't do it and it is not their destiny to become successful. But if there is a war in your mind between continuing and quitting... you have to go with the continuing side. Don't ever quit because you will regret it in the end. Swallow your pride and keep moving forward even if you look so stupid and dumb because you keep trying even if the results were not showing.

Not getting it doesn't mean not having it. You already have it once you decide that you will keep trying until you become successful, you already succeeded once you decide that you are not going to quit. You just need to destroy all the obstacles and erase the negative thoughts running inside of your head. You were already successful if you stay on the process.

You will get it in just a matter of time, relax and don't rush. All you need is consistent movement. Even if you don't understand what is happening, don't get overwhelmed. Just keep pushing and take baby steps.

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