February 25, 2017


The rule is this... if you can still walk then you can still work, legs is the barometer of your strength, if you can still use it then it means you are still strong and you need to move if you don't want to get weak or die early. You need to stay active and keep moving. Don't just sit there and wait for your pension every month. You still have a lot of time, you can still do anything you want. And that is the beauty of life, you can make it long, you can extend it if you are doing the right thing.

Don't beg in the street and ask for money because you think you are too old. You can find a way, you can still offer the world some service that you know. Stop acting like you're weak and you're already slow. Stop excusing yourself from doing the work because you are still capable.

Join some marathon or any activity that will make you stronger, organize some events that will give you progress and happiness. It's never too late for you to be happy. If you are always active then you will never get rusty and weak. It's all about movement and taking positive actions, you can still grow even if you were already old.

I've known a lot of old people who still look like an animal and work like an animal even in their late 80's. These people knew the secret of how to become healthy and strong. They keep themselves active and sharp. They never rest, they are living their life to the fullest, they don't want to miss anything.

Just always stay busy and commit to growth, that is the secret of making your life stronger and longer. Pursue a different passion, try a lot of things that will give you abundance and happiness. It's never too late to experiment with your life, you can still try anything and be anything. Don't be afraid of what people say, be afraid of the regret that you will feel in the end once you can't move anymore.

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