February 23, 2017


Rejection is really painful especially if you can't handle it. People who can't handle rejection usually gets depressed, their confidence goes down, they think that it is the end of the world. They make it a big deal and they felt like their value is not that important to the world. They were like cry babies who takes everything seriously. They want to make dramas and get sympathy from other people.

If you want to don't feel anything about rejection you should reframe your mind and give other meaning to it. Think of it as a play, everytime you get rejected... always think that you are just playing and that it's their lost and not yours. No matter how important your request is or no matter how valuable the situation is... always think that you are just playing and you are playing with people whom you are asking something for.

Always think that eveyrtime you got rejected you become stronger because you have to courage to ask, you have bravery to speak up unlike other people who kept their mouth shut because they were so afraid to get rejected, always think that you are better than other people because you can ask for what you want no matter what. And it is true, everytime you got rejected or humiliated... the more you don't feel about it anymore, it is like another day, it is like a normal situation that doesn't even impact your life.

Make it a game, once you are scared to ask something... you ask right away. If you have a crush on a girl... ask her right away to go out on a date with you. Don't think and complicate things, don't worry about the outcome. Be happy not with the result but because you take actions and you never wish for something without doing nothing. You do it because you want to change, you don't want to be scared anymore. Trying but failing is way better than not seeing what you can have. Playing safe is for coward people. Of course timing is still important but sometimes you will not know what is the right timing unless you try. And the more you ask people about your intentions, the more you try... the more you will become good in talking to them and convincing them. Think of yourself as someone who is just learning and growing everytime you ask for what you want.

And once you got rejected... just shake your head and laugh. Of course you will feel bad but never let that bad feeling stay within you for a long time. Make it stay for a maximum of 1 minute then go ahead and live your life again. This is fun, make it a game, never lose confidence everytime you got rejected because it is really nothing and all people got rejected... even the finest ones. The more you try and test yourself.. the more you will become confident. Time will come and you will not feel anything about being rejected anymore.

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