February 27, 2017


Not all tasks are fun, not all the time you get to choose what you wanted to do, there will be times when you don't have any choice but to do the task in front of you so you can move on to the next level or step. Everytime you complain about your task.. it gets even harder, time is getting longer and you will feel that it has no ending. You should learn how to enjoy it so you will be able to finish faster and less stress will be felt.

1. Don't aim for a quick finish. Just live with the moment, don't rush because you will make mistakes if you are rushing. Learn to enjoy every movement of your body. Feel blessed because you can still move and you can do a lot of task. Not all people can move because they were handicapped while some people can move but are so lazy so they can't even start a task. Be appreciative if you are moving because it means you are using your life very well. Don't aim for a quick finish because you will get irritated and confused once there is something wrong that happened.

2. Don't look at the wall clock. Just do it, don't look for the time remaining, don't check how longer you need to take actions. Just simply move, breathe, pause then move again. You can enjoy any task if you will control your emotions and just focus on every movement of your body.

3. Think about the reward once you finish the task. The reward can be you earn some money, you created an opportunity to become successful or  just simply feeling good later because you finished a task that is urgent. Think about the things that will happen when you finish the task and you will enjoy it even more.

4. If the task is really boring then think about something else while doing it. I usually do this while I am on a thread mill. I run everyday for an hour and I hate to admit it but sometimes it really becomes boring and hard. What I do is I think of some other things while running, I think about the happy moments from the past, I think about my dreams, I visualize, I think about thoughts that will make me feel better. While doing that, I start to forget time and I didn't even notice that I am already done.

It is just a matter of manipulating your mind and finding thoughts that will make you feel better. Don't get so emotional when things get hard. Just always remember that it is doable and you will be finished in just a few moments. Time is fast especially if you can find happy thoughts.

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