February 25, 2017


Being controlled by anger will put you in a terrible position, you will make decisions that you will regret forever in your life. You will speak words that you will be ashamed of. If you move while angry then for sure you will not like the results. Some people were put into jail because they made a terrible mistake, they let their anger get the best of them.

The only way to beat anger is to know that you are angry, you must always be aware of your emotions. You must know that anger will not help and it will only put you in a very ugly spot. If you're a hot headed person then for sure you have a lot of enemies or a lot of people don't like you. I know sometimes you didn't mean what you said or did but using anger as an excuse is a sign of an immature person.

Some people doesn't even know that they are angry when they're angry. They just ride into their emotions and become a wild beast. And when they calm down, they will tell everyone that they don't know what is happening, that they just did some terrible mistakes because they were controlled by anger.

You can stop anger the moment you feel it, and when you are aware that you are angry... think deeply, is it really a big deal? is your life going to change when you got angry? are you going to die if you didn't burst in anger? is the issue going to be solved once you shout at people or you berserk like a wild animal? You only have the right to become angry when it's  very obvious that people disrespected you or your family but if it is only about small things then just let it go because there are more important things that you should be focusing.

Keep in mind that anger will only ruin your day or your life. You will always be the loser if you get mad at small things, you can let it go if you will only focus on the better and bigger things in life.

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