February 08, 2017


Poverty starts in your brain, you get poor because of your thoughts that turns into actions or inaction that turns into results. You are the only one to blame if you can't get rich. You make poor decisions that lead you to a miserable and hard life.

1. You have the habit of spending more than you can earn. You just buy anything that you think will make you happy. You just consume and consume, you never think about what could happen in the future if you don't have money anymore. It is ok to practice abundance but abundance means you have enough and you feel really good with anything that you have, it doesn't mean you have to spend a lot. Abundance means you are not worried about the future because you feel a lot of things and opportunities will come to your life. And spending a lot will not give you the feeling of abundance because you will worry about what if you don't have any food on your table for tomorrow. Yes, you can spend a lot now and feel rich but that feeling will just last for just one day.

2. You set a small amount of money that you can earn. Let's say you accept that you can just earn 300 dollars a month, you fully believe it and you are not doing something to change it. You limit yourself from earning a lot. You don't believe that you can become rich too and that is how poverty mindset transformed. You are satisfied of the small amount that you have but you are still complaining about your situation. You don't think about bigger money, you are scared to try something new because you think you may lose what you have at the moment. You are scared to look for a new job with bigger pay because you think you might never find a stable job again if you leave your present job with low pay.

3. You never act when an opportunity is presented. You make a lot of excuses. When an opportunity is knocking on your door, you will ignore it. You will pretend that you didn't hear the knock. You will  pretend that you are not feeling well, in pain or busy even if you are not doing anything. The blessing that is supposed to be yours will go to others because you didn't grab it. If an opportunity comes... you must grab it right away even if it is not clear that you will succeed from it, you have to take the chance and make an effort to become somehow a little successful from it. If you can't pull the trigger then you are building a poverty mindset because poor people prioritizes excuses than taking chances.

4. You waste your time for nothing. You use your time for useless friends that are just pulling you down, you associate yourself with people who can't dream big and act big. You are spending most of your time for activities that will never make you grow. Activities such as drinking too much, watching TV a lot, gossiping, drugs etc. You should know if an activity will bring your further, you must be willing to get uncomfortable to forge a habit that will make you one step closer to success and not one step closer to poverty. It is very simple, just do what you think will give you a better life.

5. You compare your life to others. If you constantly compare yourself to others then a poverty mindset is formed again . You will see what is missing in your life because you see it from others, you will feel envy, you will never appreciate your life and that is a bad habit because you will be focused on counting other people's bread and you will not be able to make your own bread multiply.

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