February 08, 2017


You have a lot of time for bullshits that is why your life is not in a very good direction. If you can just focus your time to a more beneficiary activity then you will no longer need to worry about what to do next. You will have a smooth sailing to the top and you will be able to realized all of your dreams.

Have no time for gossips. Knowing who is the latest and worst drug addict celebrity will never give you any advantage. Why are you so interested with other people's lives? you are not getting anything from that shit and you must sop gossiping now and focus all of your energy to your own life. Your improvement will become very slow if you are very interested with negative topics, or maybe you will not even improve at all. Your mind will be occupied with negativity and if you allow that to happen everyday then you will be in big trouble. If you want to have an easier and lighter life, if you want to have a peace of mind then stay away from negativity. Stop listening to news, stop chatting with your facebook friends who all know is to study other people's lives. Have no time for gossips, you won't get anything from it, all you can get is headache and stress.

Have no time for procrastination. You said you were too busy, you said you don't have extra time to improve yourself then why do you have a lot of time for procrastination? You are over resting, you watch TV for 8 straight hours, you leave your important task hanging in the air. You want to run outside but you choose sleeping instead. You have a lot of time for procrastination that is why you are so unproductive and stressed even more. Doing nothing is more stressful than being busy. If you are busy you will forget time but if you are not doing anything then you don't know what to do with your time, you will have a headache, you will feel useless.

Have no time for defending yourself against people who are worthless. Almost all of your energy and time were eaten by people who are worthless. You always try to defend yourself from them, you want them to know that you are a good person which is not needed because even if you are really good, they will still not believe you because they hate you. You were so attached with your haters that is why you can't live a normal and easy life. You always wanted to control what other people are thinking of you. Have no time for defending yourself because it is not needed, if you know that you are good and you honestly believe yourself that you are good then it is not enough, no need to defend, no need to prove yourself.

Have no time for doubting yourself. You are always doubting yourself if you can do it or not. Well, guess what? the moment you decided that you are going to do it, you already won. Stop doubting yourself because it will never help you. It will never make your situation improve. Instead of doubting why not start believing?, believe in yourself that you can do it and you will see that your world is slowly changing. Momentum will start to go on your side and you can see yourself winning little by little. Doubting will only make you weak, doubting will make you stuck, have no time for that.

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