February 22, 2017


One trait that you must learn in order to live a happier and lighter life is to focus on the right things. if you will focus on the right things then your life will become better, easier and more fun. A lot of people focus on the wrong things because they think that it is fun, yeah maybe it is fun in the beginning but wait for a few more days or weeks and it is not fun anymore. Some people will focus on eating a lot, they thought that it is fun. Yeah it is fun while you are eating but wait for a few more weeks or months and you will see that it is not fun anymore, you will see your tummy getting bigger and your physique looking lazier and uglier. Now tell me, was that really fun? if you just focus on doing an exercise instead of eating a lot then you will be happier. You know what is right but you are not doing it.

Focusing on the right things is a little bit boring, wrong things are more fun but the reality is... wrong things has no benefits in the future. Yeah, it is fun to absent than to go to classes, it is fun to go home early than to do an overtime, it is fun to just watch DVD than to do your homework but focusing on wrong activities will make your life harder in the future. It is not hard now because you are still having fun but wait until your punishment was serve to you.

Focus on earning money instead of borrowing money from other people. A  lot of people were able to survive by just borrowing and not returning the money back. They will borrow from different people until they become buried in debts. Yeah, it is easy but the point here is it is not making their life better. They should focus more on the right thing which is looking for a source of income, it can be a job or just a simple business.

Instead of focusing your thoughts on worries, jealousy or envy why not focus it on love, appreciation and hope? You will see a big difference if you do it. Everyone knows what is right, the only missing is implementing it.

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