February 20, 2017


It is normal to think about negative things, it is normal to feel negative and let bad emotions run inside of your body. But sometimes negative thoughts are very hard to control and you can't get rid of it right away.

What you should do is fight negative with negative. I am very sure you haven't heard about this, this technique works and it will put you in a much better and more controlled position.

So if you are thinking about you can't do it anymore and you can't go on because you're so tired. What you need to do is think of a negative thought. Fight negative with negative. A thought of being stressed and tired is already a negative, so you must think of a negative thought again. Thoughts such as you will become broke if you will not move, you will fail and you will have an ugly life if you will not take actions. I am pretty sure, that you will feel something about it and you will be forced to move and make the proper actions to improve your situation.

Because sometimes being optimistic too much will not force you to take actions. Having the thoughts like "it will be alright", "take it easy" are so soft and it will make you lazy. Sometimes you have to think of something that will trigger the fire in you and will make you move your lazy ass.

Negative thoughts can be replaced with another negative thought but more useful one. Not all negative thoughts are useless, some will make you feel the sense of urgency. Entertain negative thoughts that will make you do actions and not the ones that will freeze you.

It is a matter if manipulating your mind and feeding it with thoughts that will motivate you.

Because sometimes being positive will make you procrastinate and over confident. You will think that you can do it later or tomorrow and that never ending delaying of something never stops. You have to wake yourself up and scare yourself if you are having a hard time taking the first step.

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