February 11, 2017


If you don't move your ass now... your family will get hungry tomorrow, your baby will cry, your wife will get mad at you or even file a divorce and take all of your children with her. That is what will happen if you don't move, your life will become miserable, you will look like a loser who can't do anything. You will lose your confidence, you won't even know what to do.

If you don't change your unhealthy lifestyle now and keep eating shits from your refrigerator, if you don't exercise everyday then probably you're dead tomorrow because of heart attack or something. You will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor anymore, you will not be able to see your family. So you better change now and force yourself to endure the difficulty of killing the unhealthy habits of eating. Do it even if it will make you really uncomfortable, be uncomfortable now and live a very good life in the future. All you need is a streak of three weeks, build a healthy lifestyle in three weeks and then you will change forever, time is very fast, you can do it.

If you will not train hard now and make yourself better than yesterday then your opponent will beat your ass tomorrow. He will eat you because you are weak and you don't have the necessary skills to defend yourself, he will toy you on the ring or wherever place you are competing. You will look like an amateur. You better train super hard now so that you are in a better position of winning.

Fear is a great motivator, you can use it to make yourself alert, you can use it to force yourself to move. Think about the worst situations that may happen to your life if you will not take actions and do your best. Use fear to put pressure on yourself. Imagine yourself suffering if you will not move fast and do what is needed. The more you move and make yourself better, the smaller that fear will become. You will become very confident if you keep on building small momentum in your life.

If good things cannot motivate you then use fear to give you determination and willpower. Fear is a very strong emotion and if you can use it in the right way then you will be able to achieve greater things faster than expected. You can play with fear, you can use it to stimulate your mind but also, make sure that you can control your thoughts because if you are scared too much then you will be freeze and stuck in your place forever.

Some successful people are motivated by fear, they are so afraid to lose what they have, they are so afraid to fail that is why they always have the sense of urgency to move, they can always pull the trigger because their fears are scaring them if they are not moving and doing anything.

You can do it too, always think about what could go wrong if you will not start moving now and direct yourself to a better position to succeed. It's just like being scared and not wanting to go to class if you didn't study your lesson, as simple as that.

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