February 23, 2017


All of us came from nothing, we were born naked without holding anything in our hands. We don't have house, clothes, jewelries, cars, money or food. That is why we all came from nothing and there is nothing to hold on to.

But when you grow up and started to learn some new tricks... you become possessive. You started to worry about money, things, bills, insurance, school, reputation, success etc. Do you really think that what you have is really yours? you only borrow those things, you cannot have it with you when you die, you cannot bring it with you to the other world. You came from nothing so you really don't have anything.

You should not feel pressure to lose something because you will still lose it in the future. Don't care too much for your properties because it is never permanent. It is just there to give you a little happiness, the real happiness is living life the way you wanted to live it without attaching yourself to anything or anyone. Don't feel too much pressure if you can't pay your car and the bank is about to get it from you, don't think too much about it because it is not yours, nobody owns it, even the bank doesn't own it.

If you will only understand that money, properties and reputation will never stay forever then you will have lesser pressure in your life.

If you feel no pressure maintaining your car then you can pay it easily, don't think about losing it so you will never lose it. Just relax and do your best, don't think about anything that will make your life difficult. Be open to losing it because you will never be able to keep it forever, it is  just a thing, it is only temporary. Being open to losing it will make you breathe easier, you will attract more opportunities in life because the pressure is not there anymore. Just have the mindset of nothing to lose so things will be easier to you.

If you have no pressure losing your money then you will have more money. Putting no value into something will make you easier to multiply it. That is the trick, don't be afraid to lose it so you can have it easily or even multiply it. Because the worrying is not there anymore, you will be able to make good decisions and take actions.

Don't feel bad about something if you lost it because you will still lose it in the future. You cannot keep anything or anyone forever, nothing is permanent in this world.