February 04, 2017


If you submit something, it can be a potential for a good opportunity and it can change your life so don't ever underestimate the power of submission. It may look like your decision to submit something is not making a significant change but you will see in the end that if you don't do it then you will not be in your place now.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUMES TO DIFFERENT COMPANIES. Do it for a thousand times and let's see if no one calls you or hire you. It may sounds unrealistic but it can be done if you are willful enough and you want it bad enough. The more you think about something and do something for it, the more it will be closer to you. It is simply attracting the opportunity that you want and placing all of your energy on it. As simple as that, people can't get what they want because they are thinking too much, their brains were cluttered and occupied by a lot of negative thoughts. If you are really decisive that you are going to get it then you will have it.

CALL FRIEND FOR SALES. It doesn't matter who you are calling, the more important thing is you are calling for someone. Again, every submission is a step to attraction. If you are in a sales department and you need to call a lot of people, swallow your pride and call all of your friends. Your friends may even recommend you to someone or give you another number that can make a sale. It is like a snowball effect. You may not see results yet but your momentum keeps on rolling and rolling until you become successful. Every action will make you closer yo your destination so don't ever stop yourself or hold back from taking actions, it is important and it is a must.

SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT EVEN IF IT IS INCOMPLETE. If you run out of time and it is already the deadline for the submission of your project to your professor... submit it still, don't worry if it is incomplete or wrong, what matters is you submit something and you let your professor know that you work for it. Your professor might appreciate your effort, he may accept it or give you an extension because he know that you are exerting an effort and you want to pass his subject.

Because if you will not do something, if you will not submit something then nothing will happen to you. If you will keep on nurturing your doubts and fears and thinking what could go wrong then you will be stuck in a mud forever. Your depression will continue to grow everyday, your self esteem will go low, you would love to escape your situation but you never will.

So just submit something because it will open an opportunity, you may never know... your last submission could be a life changer. It could be a big turning event of your life.

Submit as much as you can because it is free and will always be free, it is the best thing to do. It is your chance to grow and explore some heights that you never see.