February 22, 2017


In anything that you are doing, you will become successful if you will use the law of averages. If you are pursuing a big goal, you can become successful if you will just use the law of averages and stick with it for a very long time, stick with it until you become successful. It is the law that is sure to work and will give you everything you want.

It is the only law that you need to use, it is the simplest but somehow difficult law. You only need perseverance, will and a clear vision to make it work. You don't need talents, connections, knowledge or any overrated things. Just make the process simple, fall in love with trying as much as you can until you become successful.

If you will choose to use it then you have nothing to worry about, all you gonna do is bang the door until opens, hammer it til the bitter ends. This law is applicable to anything, the more you try, the more you take chances... the more you are getting near in becoming successful. You don't need to be perfect while trying, you don't need to be smart while making decisions. Just keep on letting your numbers grow, just keep on trying and trying again, as simple as that.

An example is a salesman, if he will only call one hundred people a day or knock on 100 doors a day to promote his product then for sure he will able to make a deal. An ordinary and weak salesman will quit for a couple of tries but a superb salesman will never quit until he make a sale. Very simple yet people don't want to do it because they were too lazy and hopeless, they lost their motivation once they were rejected a couple of times. They don't know that the more they try, the more they become closer to making a sale.

Just simply count, always produce 100 or try 100, it is the minimum number of tries, if you can increase it then much better.

Be happy when someone rejected you, any rejection is counted, it is part of the execution so it means you are not wasting time. It means you are getting closer to what you want.

If you can appreciate every rejection then you will become successful for sure, your excitement on the first try should remain and must never diminished even if you already faced a lot of rejections. You must remain hopeful, motivated and strong. Using the law of averages requires a lot of patience, you can become angry or mad but how will it help you? To make the law of averages work, just simply be happy failing over and over again.

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