February 25, 2017


If you think that wishing for an easier path is the best thing to do... you better think again. Wanting an easy route and easy life will make your life even harder. You will become dependent, you will always ask for help, you will never accomplish things on your own and you will become a whiner and excuse maker, in other words... you will become very soft. Soft as a jelly, softer than a cotton candy.

If you're so used to having an easy life then you will have a very difficult life in the end. It is because once your support is cut, once there is no more person to help you... you're in big trouble my friend. You wouldn't know what to do, you will be afraid because you don't win any battles in life in your own from the past.

Don't wish for an easy life because you will never experience the real life if you didn't experience any hardship. The real you will be revealed through pain and adversity. You will know how strong, tough and durable you are once life hit you with its hurtful jokes.

A lot of people who were born rich and everything handed to them were having a difficult time adjusting in life when they don't have those riches anymore. They were already poor but they were still acting like they have a lot of money, they want soft pillow, delicious food, nice cars and clothes but the sad thing is they can't have those things anymore.

So if you want to succeed in life but you don't want to suffer... you are being delusional. You have to wake up and face the pain, face the work that is needed to be done before you become successful. There are lot of work waiting but you can finish it all if you are willing to move and force yourself to taking actions. Do it one by one, you can go very far if you are very patient and just simply enjoying the journey.

All people who are wishing for an easy path are just followers. They are the slaves of politicians, extra character in a movie, gold diggers, unemployed and any other jobs that are not difficult but will earn money. They can't make it big because they don't have the courage to pursue big dreams. All easy path has no big rewards, it will only give you temporary happiness.

Because if you are doing easy things, your life will be hard in the end. Easy things will never produce great things, it is only a temporary fix, it is only a small success.

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