February 11, 2017


If you see your high school crush that rejected you at the reunion... stop thinking about the past, stop thinking that it happen so you will feel that it didn't happened. Just act normally and play it cool, act like she is the one who has a crush on you. Don't be scared about the past, if you can erase all the bad memories from the past then your body language will become better, you can think clearly and act congruently with the situation. Because if you will keep bringing the past back, you will look like a dumb, your mind will go in the panic mode, you will experience anxiety to the fullest and you will feel like you're having a heart attack. You will look funny because you are behaving so weird.

But if you will play it cool and act as if nothing bad happened to you in the past then you will able to control the situation, you will be able to move with confidence, talk with confidence and can even command people around you.

So if yo failed in the past, let's say you fail in the bar exam, forget about that, forget all the painful feelings that it gave to you. Move on and take another exam. Forget that you failed from the past so you will not be scared to take another exam again. Forget all the details of the bitter experienced that happened in your life so your mind will be loose again and you will be able to concentrate on your studies. If you don't think about it then you will not be pressured, you will feel like it didn't happen in your life.

Some athletes are having a hard time recovering from an injury or bad experience. If a basketball player was blocked by his opponent... he will take it seriously, he will make it a big deal, he feels like he's been humiliated big time so he will never try to take another shot again. And it affects the way he play, he is making poor decisions because of that one incident. If a player was injured and already healed... he will think about that injury over and over again, he was thinking about it because he doesn't want it to happen again, he was being careful this time. But having that kind of mindset will only make him injured again because he was overthinking. Caring too much will make you stiff and unnatural. And that kind of approach is more dangerous because even if you were already healed, you still feel like you're injured because you are anticipating an accident which doesn't happen yet.

Not thinking about something will make you feel that it didn't happen. If someone disrespects your from the past, if you don't think about it then it will never affect your life, it is nothing but an ordinary event which doesn't mean anything to your life. You are what you think about, your thoughts will mold your life and future. Don't ever entertain any thoughts that has a connection with what you don't want to happen. Learn to nurture only healthy thoughts so you will always feel good and have a better life.

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