February 20, 2017


You feel sorry for someone because he hasn't eat yet, you feel pity for him. But what can that sorriness do? can you help him? can you give him some money? all of your worrying does cannot help. You can feel sorry for anyone but if you are not willing to help or to change his situation then just shut up because you are not even trying to make the situation better. Wanting to be a saint is different than making actions to be a saint. You can tell the world that you feel sorry for anyone, you can tell the world that you are praying for someone but what the fuck does that action contribute?

You feel guilty if you are throwing your food in the garbage because your parents are always telling you since you are a kid that a lot of people were getting hungry so you must not waste food because the blessings might stay away from you. But the question is... can you give your food to them? If you can't then don't feel sorry because you will only make yourself feel bad. You can't do anything so stop whining and bitching.

Feeling sorry but not doing anything is only a form of stupidity. You should feel sorry for yourself because you know what to do but you're not taking actions. You know the solution but you focus on procrastination.

And the truth is... if you really feel sorry for someone then you should do something to help him, you should do something to make him feel better because if not... then you're just making dramas for yourself. You're just wasting your time and energy.

So instead of feeling sorry.. act now and try to change the situation, try to help. Don't just stand there and watch... do something!

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