February 21, 2017


Getting tired is normal, be proud of it and don't be scared of it. If you are getting tired it only means you are trying and you are giving your best, it means you are making a progress and your life is getting better every second. People were so afraid to get tired, I don't know why. They were so allergic to sweat, late sleep, headache, sore muscles and stress. But why will you be afraid of something that will make you grow?

Getting tired will make you stronger, it will make you experienced, it will increase your speed and durability.

People who are so afraid to get tired are lazy and wanted instant gratification. That is why they can't go far. Once they feel a little heaviness on their body... they will stop, they will complain and will decide to rest for a long time. If you really wanted to become successful, you must only rest if you can't move your body anymore. A little tiredness must not stop you.

You can take a nap, take a very shortbreak but don't wait for your tiredness to go away because you will be stuck in a mud and your momentum will be cut. Just take a very short break and then go and grind again.

Getting tired is not something to be afraid of, you need to embrace it and move still despite of feeling bad. Be happy if you are getting tired because it means you're almost there, it means you are very near to finish line.

Look at the champions, you never see them getting frustrated even if they were so tired. Because that is what winners are made of.., they were made to conquer and push until the end.

So if you are getting tired and you wanted to quit already, always remember that it is just a feeling and you can always find the second up to 5th wind. You will never ran out of energy if your will to win is very strong.

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