February 20, 2017


There are two kinds of headaches in this world, one that will give you benefits and one that will only give you pain and burden in life. It is up to you what kind of headache will you choose.

You can choose a headache that was caused by doing something for the benefit of your future. Activities like studying too much for your exams or just to improve your skills, thinking about your strategies in business and in life and of course executing them, pursuing an impossible goal, enduring the long hours of work just to improve your life, etc. Those activities will give you stress and headache but the only good thing is... you can reap the benefits in the future. Those headaches will turn into glory and for sure you will not regret that you choose those kinds of headaches.

Another headache was caused by stupidity. Activities like drinking too much even though you still have work tomorrow, your hangover will make your life worse and it will affect your work, that was a solid headache and your day will be ruined. Another source of headache is thinking too much about your problem and not doing something about it, that kind of act will simply make you grow old fast, it will give you a very huge amount of stress that can kill you if you will not do something about it. Another source of headache is thinking about the people that you don't like. People such as enemies, haters, bashers etc. Not only you will have a headache, you will also have a heartache because you will feel bad emotions, you will feel like you are burning because of the anger and hatred that yo feel.

So be smart when choosing what kind of headache you will entertain. You cannot escape stress but you can choose what kind of stress to entertain in your life, is it something destructive or beneficiary?

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