February 07, 2017


If you have to choose between freedom and success... always choose freedom because freedom is the key to a long lasting happiness and success. With freedom you can do anything, be anything and have everything. Freedom will give you happiness and you will be able to express yourself the way you wanted to express it.

There are some people who called themselves successful but doesn't even have time to enjoy with their family. They don't even have the time to do their favorite hobby or take a break when their bodies were so tired. What kind of success was that if you are always rushing and setting aside your happiness?

The real meaning of success is freedom. You have the freedom to work anytime you want, you have the freedom to choose what you really want and there is nothing can stop you from doing what you love. That is the real meaning of success.

If you are just starting something, there will be cases where you wanted it to become perfect right away, you want to become successful right away. You don't want to make mistakes, you just want it to be perfect which is very impossible to happen. In that case, you choose success over freedom. And that will make you fail because you are so cautious and you don't want to make mistakes. That kind of mentality will make you stuck. You want to become successful right away and that restricts you from being free. You will follow the rules, you will become very scientific and that kind of approach will make you unable to express yourself. And being unable to express yourself will take away the joy, it will take away your freedom, you will lose motivation. You will never continue anymore.

But if you are so free.... you will have a lot of fun, you will be able to do things for a very long time because it makes you very happy. Choosing freedom means you're already on your path of becoming successful. You are free to make decisions and execute your own actions the way you want to execute it.

You can have a  lot of money but if you don't have freedom then you won't be able to enjoy your riches, you are still tied with chains and you will always wonder when will you be able to use your money for happiness and for what? But f you have freedom then you don't need a lot of money to become happy, you are free to choose anything that can give you happiness, you are free to choose your friends, activities and anything that will simply give you joy and bliss.

If you are always thinking about success then your life will be restricted, you will follow what other people say especially if what they are saying talks about success. You will follow them even if what they are talking about is not true. You will easily get fooled by people who talks about success. You will follow their opinions because you want to become successful right away. But if you choose freedom... you will follow your heart, you will follow your instincts, you will create your own path and follow what you feel is right. You will enjoy doing your own process and will live a happier and easier life.

Choosing freedom means you are allowing yourself not to become perfect, you allow yourself to trip down and make adjustments. You are not scared of critics and negative opinions from other people because you are so free and you are just looking at your journey as a play. But if you choose success, it means anything that makes you feel bad matters to you, you will get easily hurt by other people's opinions especially if it is negative.

Choosing freedom means being yourself, choosing success means you live by other people's standards and expectations. You will not be able to live your life to the fullest if you will choose success because you will always want everything to be under your control.

Choosing freedom will give you continuous motion, you will just do what you heart tells you to do even if you feel that somehow it is a little bit wrong, you will still do it because your focus is to express yourself, unlike focusing on success... you are so scared to even try because you don't want to repeat again once you've done a terrible mistake.

But it doesn't mean choosing freedom means you can't become successful too. Choosing freedom means you are successful in your own way because you are more happier and you are in control of your emotions. Success will be attracted to you if you choose freedom because you are open to opportunities and you choose what your heart desire the most. Your heart can never go wrong, it is one hundred percent right. So always choose freedom because it is the surest path to success.

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