February 21, 2017


Your life is all about your position. Your style of living now is based on what position you have. You choose your position and you live it, don't ever think that it is the only option you have and there is no way you can't change it because you didn't finish studies, you are poor, less talented or whatever excuses that runs in your brain. You always have the option, you are always free to choose and make a decision. Your position now is not your position forever if you are willing to change it.

1. From watcher to doer. You can achieve a lot of you will convert yourself from watcher to doer. You've been watching NBA games everyday, why don't you play basketball yourself and see how far can you go?. You've been watching your neighbor succeeding and making it in life, why don't you stop watching them and create your own wealth? you've been watching your boss getting rich and commanding you to wipe his ass, why don't you work really hard to become a boss too and live the life you want? Convert yourself from watcher to doer, it is easy, all you got to do is do it and do it. Never mind if you're not succeeding yet, what matters is you are doing and not watching. Stop watching because you will always be left behind. Do whatever it takes to become a doer and not a watcher, you know it in yourself if you're not doing anything, you know it if you're letting your life commanded by others.

2. From the commentator to the person who gets comments. Are you always making comments on other people's lives, works and achievements on social media? it only means you are not getting anything in life, it means all you do is just talk and talk while the people being commented upon is doing something to make his life better. You are so good in making comments, you feel like you know everything and you're a genius. If that is that a case then why didn't you achieve anything yet? Stop making comments now and be the person who gets comments.

3. Change your life default from resting to work. You're so addicted to resting that is why you're life is not progressing. Everyone's default is rest, they rest more than they work, that is why they keep getting less. If you can just rest for 10 hours a day and work for 14 hours a day, what do you think will be your situation? of course you will become richer, stronger and healthier. This is a basic logic, the harder you work... the bigger you succeed.

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