February 26, 2017


Change is not complicated but it is a very difficult thing because knowledge or talents will not play any role if you want to change. Your endurance is the number one recipe for a change. It is your willingness and level of commitment.

Sometimes you think you already changed but your bad habits is going back again. I have a friend who already stop smoking cigarettes for six months but he go back puffing the disgusting stick again. I don't know what makes him go back again, he didn't value the six months that he endure not puffing a single cigarette. Or maybe he think that he will just try a single cigarette and it was just for fun but it didn't work that way. He become addicted to nicotine again and he is even worse.

Just because you change for a few weeks or months doesn't mean you already changed. Change is a commitment, you have to commit to it forever or else you will go back to your old weak habits again. You have to remember the days that you endure discomfort just to change something in your life. You have to remind yourself that doing that bad habit again just for once will erase the good run that you did. A single mistake will bring back the old you so your level of commitment to change must be very high. You must be strict and you must be very strong in ignoring temptation.

Let's say you stop eating unhealthy foods today because you want to have a healthy body... that decision today is already a change, you already changed but the question is... is your level of commitment very high? are you going to stick with it for a very long time?

Some people think that change is a long process. No, there is no process in change, it is just commitment. You can change today but make sure your commitment is unbreakable and you must keep your words because if not... you are just fooling yourself and making life even difficult for you.

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