February 22, 2017


If you want to change then make a commitment for just two weeks. Swear to yourself that you will never break your commitment and you will endure all the difficulty of keeping it.

If you want to make your fat ass thin then you should commit to exercising and eating clean and healthy foods for just two weeks, it is not that long, once you passed the two weeks then you already changed. The results may not be there yet but the habits were already built and all you need to do is keep eating healthy foods and doing some sweaty activities.

Two weeks is all you need, it is the most difficult part but once you overcome the uncomfortable feelings in two weeks and you manage to not break your streak then you're already a different person. Congratulations to you because you did a good job, you're a different animal now.

Once you did something for two straight weeks, it is very difficult to break that habit, it has already a strong foundation in your system. Let's say you are jogging everyday for 2 straight weeks... you will feel different and weird if you're not yet jogging today, your body will search for that sweaty feeling and you will only feel good once you are done jogging.

So if you want to change from being a bum to a smart person then just read useful books for 2 straight weeks, you will see a big transformation in your life. Some of your bad habits will be replaced by good ones, habits that will contribute to your growth. It is very easy, 2 weeks is all you need so you better star counting now.

Your life can only change by building new habits that will make you a better person, all you need is two weeks to build a good habit and of course you have to maintain it. Maintaining is very easy because on those two weeks of enduring and disciplining yourself... your mind will start to record a new habit that you need to do, the habit that you build for two weeks will be automatic. You will do things without feeling heavy, it will be very easy for you to execute.

So count now, make today as your day one. Start a new habit that will change your life and do it for two straight weeks. Anyone can change, change is possible and easy.

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