February 21, 2017


So if you want something positive to happen then you must build a positive lie. Even if you think it is over, you must still believe in order to keep going and at least create a miracle.

An idea is just a lie until it becomes true. But sometimes you have to fool yourself and make yourself believe that you can still do it, that there is still hope and you can still succeed or recover from something.

If you are in huge debt and you don't know what to do anymore. Build a lie inside of your head. Imagine that you are a millionaire, imagine that you can earn big money. Imagine that you are in a state of abundance and you have no debts at all. Imagine that good feeling and never let it go. Let it stay in your system for a very long time. Once you do it and pair it with actions, soon you will see that little by little you are making it in life, little by little your debts were gone and you are starting to feel rich. This is not a hoax or something, what you feel and what you think is your reality.

Because mind is a powerful thing. If you entertain thoughts that makes you feel good then your reality will follow and it is true. It is 100 percent proven. That is why there is a high rate of poverty in this world... people always think about negative things, people always watch the news and focus on the dangerous and scary things. That is why they can't think of something that will make their life better.

Focus on the excitement, even if it is not yet happening... build something inside of your head that you want to come into reality. Even if you are lying to yourself.. do it.

Build positive lies rather than negative lies. Because sometimes you are building negative in your head that is not even true that is why is is happening. What you focus upon will come true so be careful what thoughts you entertain.

Imagine that you're a winner even if you're not. Imagine that you're succeeding even if you're not. Never be scared to play with your imagination because it will guide you and it will become a reality once you are focused and determined.

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