February 13, 2017


If you are still wondering why are you not attracting big numbers yet in your life, the only reason for this is because you are not also not producing huge numbers. You are just producing what you think is enough. You are working less and expecting more... that is what makes you stuck.

You want a big salary but you are just working for 4 hours a day. Yeah, you are at the office and present there for 9 hours but literally... you are just working for 4 hours because you spend most of your time slowing down, checking your facebook account, chatting with your co-workers and doing other stuffs that are not related to your work. And when the end of the year comes... you are expecting an increase in salary? haha you better wake up and stop whining if you didn't get what you want. You know in yourself if you are deserving or not. You should produce big numbers if you want to attract big numbers, you must work more than 9 hours a day and impress your boss so you will catch his attention and make him think that you are deserving for an increase or promotion.

You want to have a lot of you tube subscribers, you are dreaming about millions but when I look at your you tube channel... you only have 3 videos posted and all of them are shitty. Now tell me, how are you going to attract a lot of subscribers by presenting less numbers? If you want a million subscribers then you should also post millions of videos to make it sure. Your effort should be congruent to your desire. Nothing should be lesser than the other.

Look at Floyd Mayweather... he is getting huge numbers because he throws a million punches in the gym, he practice like hell and his work ethic is unbelievable. He believe in hardwork that is why huge numbers were attracted to him. Any boxer that will emulate his work ethic will also get the same type of success that he is getting.

Kobe Bryant also spend uncountable hours in the gym practicing his shooting, dribbling and any type of skills that he needed in basketball that is why his money and success were very huge too. He put in the work, he never make excuses and he always does his assignment advance from the others. He becomes a legend not because he is talented but because his work ethic is unparalleled. His number is 24 because he works 24 hours a day, his mindset is to grind 24 hours a day.

I anything that you are doing, if you can produce numbers that no one can match then you're already successful. Huge numbers will also be attracted to you. There is no way you will be ignore. People, opportunities and money will come to you easily. Big contracts, big appreciation and everything big will enter your life.

So if you don't know what to do, just do something and do it massively. This applies to any field, may it be in business, sports or arts. If you can produce huge numbers then you will attract huge opportunities. It's very simple, just work super hard everyday and success will be conquered.

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