February 25, 2017


Not getting what you want doesn't mean you are unfortunate and you have to feel bad. Not getting what you want will give you a lot of advantages in life. You will discover some perspective, you will get benefits that you don't know is there.

If you are requesting for an extra mayonnaise or ketchup in a quick service restaurant and suddenly the waiter told you that they don't have anymore, of course your initial reaction is you will get mad. Why in the hell does a quick service restaurant doesn't have any ketchup at all? but keep it cool, you're mad but always look at the brighter side of life. You all know that ketchup and mayonnaise is not healthy and it will only make your belly thicker. So not getting it will prevent you a little bit of adding some weight in your fat ass. Not getting it still has some benefits so be happy if you didn't get it.

You are working for a big goal, you really work hard for it, you give time, you burn your eyebrows, you endure sleepless nights but you still didn't succeed. It's ok, don't feel sad because you still get some benefits for failing. You are still hungry and you will still work hard, you are even hungrier than before which is a good thing because next time you will surely succeed. A lot of people who already succeeded were not hungry anymore, they become lazy so they go back being a failure again. If you didn't succeed now... it means better things are waiting for you.

If you can't buy what you want because you're only poor and you don't have money to buy things... don't worry again. That will make you motivated to work harder and reach for your dreams. That lack of something will make you work like hell, it will give you a different mindset, you will grab any opportunity that is presented to you. You will not entertain second thoughts, you will just grab it and make your life better than before.

If you are not getting what you want, you are training yourself for delayed gratification. It means you are willing to endure and sacrifice for bigger things. You are willing to wait, you are willing to accept what is present and make your future brighter.

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