February 26, 2017


All of your decisions were right, you can take any path because every path is the right path, every action is the right action. For as long as your intentions is right... you are right.

Don't worry if you think you've made a wrong decision because it is not the decisions itself that is important, it is if you've learned something from it. And the truth is... you can always learn from something if you will appreciate what happened to you and if you will always look at the bright side.

So if you bought a third hand car that you are doubtful from the start if it will work for a long time then suddenly one day its machine break down... don't ever regret your decision of buying it. Your friends and family are giving you an advise before to not buy it yet you bought it because you really want it. Never regret your decision because at least you know next time that it is bad to buy a third hand car. Well, at least you learned a lesson. And if you are curious enough to study the parts of your car and learn how to fix it then it is a double lesson for you. You already knew how to fix a car, isn't that amazing?

If you fail at something because it is a big risk, and again your friends and family are telling you before to not take that path but you still take it because yo feel something good about it... Never mind if you fail, at least you take the risk and you also learn some lesson. You know now that not all the time you take risk you will be rewarded. But don't be afraid to take risks again next time because you already knew what to do and for sure you will succeed again next time.

If you fail, never forget to chat down the lesson because that is what failing is all about. It is not there to demoralized you, it is not there to make you feel bad, it is there to make you smarter, it is there to make you grow so you will know be ready to face anything next time.

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