February 26, 2017


I know it is hard but the only way to escape from bitterness, jealousy and anger is to be happy for your opponent. If your opponent is winning, be happy for him, that will set you free. That will put your mind at peace. Because if you will keep complaining and not accepting that you lost.... you are just making your situation worst. It is like you are digging your own grave. You can't sleep, you can't think of other positive things, you can't move on. The truth is... you've already lost, you cannot change the decision or the outcome anymore. It is better to accept it and be happy for the guy who is winning.

All you can do is learn from your lost and be better than yesterday. You can be sad but don't stay on that area for a long time. You may need some space or time being alone but don't ever think that you are not good enough and that you need to prove yourself. What is done is done, if you can not be happy for someone then just move on and learn to be happy for yourself.

If you will learn how to be happy for your opponent then you don't need to think for revenge, you don't need to think for ill will. You will just live your life and live one day at a time. You will not wish for the time to come when you can have your revenge and be the winner again, what is the point of doing that?

You can still win even if you lost. It is just a matter of how do you think about the lost. You can think of it as an opportunity to grow and become stronger or you can think of it as a weakness. It is your choice on what perception you want to accept.

Being happy for your opponent means you still have the confidence to win next time, it means you are still on the right frame of mind. I know it is hard to do but it is possible. Never take a lost seriously, you can always come back stronger, you can always become a winner.

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