February 09, 2017


There are two types of people in this world... the one who is playing and the one who is being played. If you think that you are playing then good for you but if you are being played and you don't know that it is happening then good luck to you... you will live a life that is not according to your liking. You will live a life following the rules of others.

Sometimes you think you are having fun, sometimes you think you are getting benefits from something but in reality... you are not. A big example is watching TV, you think you are having fun, you think you are amusing yourself and you will be able to relax from it. Well, is some cases maybe, but not for so long. The commercials are just using you, the advertisements are just playing on your mind, it is conditioning your mind to buy their products. The television is the one who is playing you and you don't know about it. A lot of your time has been wasted and the television programs are earning a lot of money from you. It is your attention that is making them rich. You are being played because you are wasting your time and you are not getting anything from it but the television programs are getting richer and richer. The companies are getting richer from the time that you are wasting.

Another example is playing video games, you think you are playing again, you think you are having fun but wait a minute. If you will think smarter, what do you think will you get from it? You've spend a lot of hours playing your favorite game but all you get is high electricity bill, you don't get anything from it so it only means you are the one being played. The creators of the video games are the ones who are getting richer because you keep on buying their products. And how about you? you don't get anything, all you get is a tired eyes by staying late at night. The conclusion is... you are being played again.

If you are doing something... you better think smart and look for your role. For example in a company... the players are the owners and the CEOs because they are not working a lot but they are earning a lot of money. The one being played are the employees who almost got themselves killed by working for more than 12 hours but their salaries were not unacceptable. But of course, they give themselves no choice but to work like a slave. They play the victim role, they are the ones being played. Some of them knew it but some of them not.

The one who is getting more benefits, money and advantages are the players and the ones who are suffering more and getting less are the ones being played. Another example is the fighting business, a boxer or an MMA fighter can die anytime on the ring but the promoters who are just sitting outside the ring and enjoying the fight are the ones getting more money. So who is the player and the one being played there?

It is a sad reality because sometimes the people who are working harder and sacrificing more are the ones being played. So you better be smart to choose what role you wanted to play. Are you the one who is getting more benefits? are you the one who is growing more? Are you the player or the one being played?

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