February 26, 2017


Just try, just simply try, any try can make a connection. You never know, it can be the opportunity that you are waiting for. Any try is serving as a signal that you are asking for something and the universe is listening to you. It's just a matter of how hard you try and how bad do you want it. If you try so hard and try so many times then for sure you will get what you are dreaming about.

If you try to talk to your mom that you haven't seen for a long time because she's mad at what you've done, if you call her... even if she hang up on you at the phone... that is still a connection, she still feel your intention. She will feel something about it and that will create a connection.

Any try will create a momentum, even if you fail at your second or third try, it still mean you are doing the right thing. If you try to look for a job and you've been rejected a lot of times... feel happy about it because it only means you emit a signal to the universe that you need a job. The universe is listening to you, it will give you what you want if you are creating strong signals. And those companies who rejected you might even call you one day if  they didn't see any other applicants who were better than you so it only means any rejection is still alive.

If you are trying to learn some musical instrument and you feel like you are not progressing... don't think that way. The moment you hold that instrument, you already made a connection to learning. The moment you are trying a few notes even if your timing sounds ridiculous.. you are already learning, that is already a connection. Just keep practicing everyday and make connections as much as you can, you will learn because all of those tries will connect in the end and you will be able to produce some great pieces.

So keep trying because you are building a very strong momentum once you are trying. Even if you are not seeing results yet, you will see it in the end. You will never regret that you try a lot of times.

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