February 20, 2017


All you can do is to be yourself. Being yourself every second will give you happiness. Being yourself means you are not scared, tensed, anxious and you feel free to do anything.

Your biggest problem is how to be yourself without thinking about what people will say. You were so scared to express yourself, you feel like there is knife in your throat and you will be cut if you take the courage to speak up or do whatever it is that you wanted to do.

If there is a big pressure on your side and you need to perform to the highest level.. people will pressure you even more. They will make suggestions on what you should need to do, they will point out your mistakes, they feel like they know better than you. That is the time when you need to be yourself even more. Listen to your gut, listen to your heart and not on what other people are trying to say. If you follow them and you still fail.. you will regret it in the end that you didn't follow your heart. But if you follow your heart and you become yourself every second, you will become very happy even if you lost.

If you are confused, if you feel weak, all you need to do is be yourself. You know who you are, you know what you can do. Your inner strength will guide you and show you the way. You don't need to follow someone's advises because your heart can never go wrong.

If you have to choose, if you have to make a decision... again, all you need to do is be yourself, Make decisions according to what your true self is saying. Make a decision based on what you really feel and not on the expectations of others. Your true personality will become your default, your true self is the only thing that will tell you the right answers.

It is all about how you feel. If you feel good something about it, if your excitement is triggered then that is the right path. No thinking needed, no questions needed to be answered.

When it is all said and done... you will regret the times that you didn't follow your heart. You will regret the times when you didn't show your true colors.

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