February 25, 2017


Face the pain now, don't delay it. You have to face  the discomfort now and embrace it until it's gone. Because if you will face it later, if you will always delay it.. the pain will become stronger and harder to endure.

Face the pain of training hard now and doing all the hard stuffs because if you will go soft and lazy today, your opponents in the competition will dominate you and that is even painful. So face it and don't delay it.

Face the pain of dieting now and making your healthy body because if you will not do it, it will become even painful later. You will get sick, you will become overweight and that is more painful.

Face the pain of working hard now and saving money because if you will not do it... you will become broke one day and that is even painful.

Face the pain of eating your ego and say sorry to someone you've done wrong because you will feel more pain in the end if your relationship with that person is breaking.

The truth is you will still face the pain no matter what, it is better to advance it than to delay it. Because if you will advance it... there will be rewards but if you delay it... you will have punishment and sanctions. So it is better to advance the pain, it is only temporary, you can feel better later.

People who aren't to afraid to face the pain are the ones who are disciplined, successful, healthy and have a more balanced life. They simply do what is needed to be done. They face discomfort because they knew they will get benefits from it.

So you better check yourself if you are delaying the pain because if you are doing so then your life will become more difficult in the end. Once you have a responsibility to do... do it.

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