February 27, 2017


In action you can educate yourself through experience, trial and error and just simply working hard. Action is better than education because you're already producing results. In education, you can know everything, you can memorize all the dates, formulas, techniques but if you are lazy to make a move then your knowledge is completely useless and meaningless.

A lot of people wants to study a lot before taking an action, some are even making it as an excuse because they don't want to look for a job. I know someone who's been studying for 10 years and still cannot look for a decent job. He is always mastering something, he is always studying something, his parents got even poor for providing his expensive education. After those ten years, he just got a regular job from a small company, where is the justice there?

What is the use of education if you are weak in execution? I am not saying that education is bad but my point here is if you are so focused on taking actions and making results then you can make things happen. Unlike in focusing on studying, you will just make it as an excuse not to take actions.

With action you can learn a lot of things, you can have experience, you will know what is right and wrong. Your skills will level up and you will be able to build a habit of just doing it regardless of your knowledge. You will not be afraid to take risks because you know you can always make it right if you made a mistake.

Action can build momentum, it will show you the next step while education can not. A man who believes in action will make it very far and can achieve success faster than anyone else while a man who believes in education needs to make a detailed plan first, he needs to study very well first before he draw the first blood.

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