February 01, 2017


You can become successful anytime, any day, any given hour. You can have it today because a little success is still a success, you can still consider yourself successful if you achieve a little success today. Even just being able to reach the quota for today, that is still success. If that is not success then what do you call that? a failure? Of course no, a little success for the day is still success and you should be proud of yourself if you achieve it.

A lot of people consider success as having big houses, a lot of money, being popular and anything that is big to their eyes. They thought that you have to get a lot of attention to be considered as successful but the truth is you can become successful by your own definition. If you really feel successful by just having a small house then you already are. It doesn't matter how much you have, it is all about how you feel. If you feel successful because you work so hard then there is nothing more to talk about, you don't need to tell everyone that you're successful, you just feel it by yourself.

Sometimes you are already successful but because you are thinking so much and not appreciating what you achieved... you still feel like a failure. You don't know that what you have... others are wishing for it and they wish they have your life but you are taking things for granted because of your negativity and complaining too much about life.

If you manage to just buy your mother a simple gift on her birthday then that is a success already. Not all people can buy a gift for their mother. It's still a success no matter how small it is. So don't ever underestimate your small achievements especially if you work hard for it.

And the good thing is... you can become successful everyday. Just set a small goal and achieve it then you're already successful. It can be about your work, running for a few kilometers, earning some extra cash, following a strict diet, abstaining from negativity. If you work for it and you suffer a little bit then that is already a success.

You can make your own definition of success, you don't need to compare yourself to anybody who is making it big. Just achieve something everyday and cherish the good feelings that it gives to you.

Your success purely reflects on how you define it. If you honestly believe in yourself that you are somehow successful because you are working hard everyday and making improvements in your life then you're already successful, It doesn't matter if they tell you that you are not successful, if you really believe in yourself and you are happy with the person that you become then you're already successful.

If you work for something and you achieve it then you're already successful. You don't need to weigh numbers, you don't need to compare your success to others. Anything that you work for is already a success. And one more thing... those little success that you achieve everyday will accumulate in the end and will become something big if you are consistent and patient.

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