February 07, 2017


Being mediocre sucks, yes you accomplished something but you still feel that there is something missing. You feel like you didn't give your best, you feel like you can give more but you didn't. You will have regrets because you know you can have more if you only push a little further. If you feel like you are mediocre then you are but if you feel that you already give your best and you can accept the results as it is without regrets then you are not mediocre. Sometimes being mediocre is just a judgement from people and yourself. If you honestly feel good about yourself after finishing something then you are not mediocre.

1. PUSH MORE. You can push more, you can be more, you can think more but you are not doing it because you think that it is hard. You think that it is painful that is why you don't want to go the extra mile. The result of that scared state of mind is mediocrity and laziness. Even if you don't admit it... you are really lazy because you can do something about it but you choose to just watch and let things happen by itself.

2. DON'T WASTE TIME. The more you waste time, the more you will rush and produce a very poor result. You have to do it now while the time is still on your side. Don't believe in the word tomorrow because it will never happen. The execution of great things starts now, starts today. Stop wasting your precious time because it is your only tool to produce great results. You can see it on the output if there are lot of time spend on it. Look at those imitation products... it looks very ugly because only little time were spend on it.

3. ALWAYS BE ORIGINAL. Once people saw something they haven't seen before... they will be amazed at it and will labeled it as something great. People always wants something new so you better prepare original ideas because originality and uniqueness will always stand out. Being original will separate you from other mediocre people that only does is imitate. You can get ideas but you still need to add your original touch.

4. STICK WITH IT FOR AVERY LONG TIME. Time will make you great, time will make you excellent. You can master anything if you are doing it for a very long time. People can't become great because they will choose one thing and will do it for just a couple of months or weeks. They will stop once they see that nothing good is happening on their journey. They will try to do another thing and stop again once they face adversity or difficulty. You have to stick to what you are doing no matter what and become the best at it even if you need to wait for years.

5. ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH GREAT PEOPLE. You will always be mediocre if your companions are mediocre too. You need to ride with the wolves, you need to feel the energy of great people so you will have an idea how to live a great life. Listen to what great people say and do what they do. If you can't find a great person in your life then just buy some books that shows the life of great people and study their journey very well.

6. STOP DOING A LOT OF THINGS. You can master two or three skills but not everything. If your time is divided for different things then you will not be able to master a specific skill and produce great results. You will never reach the top. You need to trim down your activities and if you can focus on just one thing then do it so you will have a lot of time improving and mastering your skills.

7. BE INDEPENDENT. If you always ask for help, if you always trust others to do the work for you then you will never become great, you will never produce great things by yourself. Yes, your life will become easier but not for so long. You will have a hard time later especially if no one is there to help you anymore. You have to do things on your own so you can discover how great you are. Doing things by yourself is also training yourself how to endure difficulty and overcome adversity that will lead to greatness.

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