February 18, 2017


If your belief is still strong? You have to always check your belief. If you are trying to achieve something great, you must have a very strong belief so you can go further and you can reach the final stage. If something bad happens to you, you must check your belief if it is still strong or not, your belief is what will keep you moving and make the right decisions in life. You have to keep feeding your belief so it will go stronger everyday. You must filter the negative thoughts in your head and completely removing them right away. Always check your belief and make sure it is fed properly with the right thoughts that will motivate you and make you think the right way.

 Are the thoughts inside of your head right? Are you entertaining positive thoughts or negative? always check the thoughts inside of your head and make sure no idea or information is dominating your life in the wrong way. If there is a bad information in your head and it keeps running and running, try to replace it with a more positive one that will make you stronger and mentally tough. It is just a matter or conditioning your mind and processing the right information that will motivate you and will bring you closer to success.

Are you still working hard? You must check yourself if you are still working hard because if not... you're in big trouble my friend. The moment you get soft... that is the start of your decline. You should make it a habit of working hard everyday so you will always have a strong momentum, so you will always stay in shape and sharp to overcome any unexpected situation. Working hard will make you stay on top, working hard will make you a winner in life. So if you are losing and nothing good is happening in your life... the answer is very simple, you are not working hard enough. So stop being soft and do your best everyday, outwork everyone and make sure you will dominate the competition.

Are you making little progress everyday? Progress equals happiness, are you making progress everyday? if not then you better do something about it. A little progress is still a progress and still creates happiness. Addict yourself to progress everyday so you will enjoy your life more and you will be able to see what you are made of. Progress can be about financial, health or just a simple goal. You will feel it when you are making a progress, you will also feel it if you are stuck in a mud. You are the only one who can create your own progress, just start with something and keep doing it consistently until you become better and better.

Are you still happy in what you are doing? Even if you are making a lot of money, if you are not happy with what you are doing anymore... you better stop it because you are only destroying your life. Do what makes you happy because life is too short and it can end anytime. Have the authority to choose what path you want and be bold in taking it.

What are the voices you are listening to? Are you listening to people who are making you stronger and pushing you to the top or are you listening to people who pretends that they care but the truth is they don't? Listen only to people who makes you stronger and better. Listen to the right voices, stop entertaining people whose agenda is just to pull you down. You know who they are, you know the right people in your life.

Are your relationships good? Always check your relationship with the most important people in your life. Sometimes, pursuing success too much makes you forget. You have to keep the most important relationships in your life healthy and updated. Because when it is all said and done, when you're already successful... you will still look for the people who once touch your life.

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