February 26, 2017


Bidding for project is not that hard to do you just bid and talk lies whenever you needed to, but of course you should still prove the client that you can do the job. You can talk lies and cover your weak spots but you still have to be confident that you can do the job. You have to do it and make it successful no matter what. There are some things that you should remember when you are bidding for a project, here are they:

1. Portfolio or proof that you can do the job. You should have an impressive portfolio so your clients will say wow to your work and will believe you right away. You portfolio should make their saliva drop, your portfolio should be impressive and it should contain what they are looking for. The trick here is make your portfolio big so they will see that you are working hard and you have a lot of experience.

2. Say you can do it. Always say that you can do it, never give them doubt that you may fail. Always make them believe that you are the right person for the project and that you have the skills to make a particular project outstanding. Even if somehow you don't feel that you can do it, just say you can do it. Because if you say that you can't then for sure they will not hire you.

3. Don't accept a project with unrealistic deadline. Never make the clients disappointed so you should only accept projects that you can do with the given time frame. Never accept projects that will make you ask for an extension. Clients will kill if they are expecting something but you can't deliver anything. So if you say that you can do it in a particular timeline, you must deliver or else you won't get paid.

4. Agree to him. Any suggestions that a client said... agree with him. Never disagree with a client or else you will not be hired. Always follow the client, he knew what he wants, your job is to deliver what is on his mind.

5. Make suggestions so he will know that you know something. Don't be afraid to make suggestions because he might like your idea and get impressed at you. Making suggestions will make him feel that you are serious and you really know something about the project.

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