February 20, 2017


I've recently found this technique that is very effective to strengthen your discipline and willpower. It is doing ten pushups before and after sleeping. It is effective because you will develop a consistency and mental strength to finish a task no matter how long or short it is.

Why will you do ten pushups before sleeping? It is to remind you that you're on a mission, it is to remind you that the hardwork that you put in for the day will carry on for the next day. It is a reminder that your day is finished but hardwork will never end for the next days to come.

Why will you do ten pushups after sleeping? it is a reminder that you have to continue and grind again. It is a connector of yesterday and today. It means you are continuing your journey. It means you are still strong and you can grind again. You will do it so your streak will never end and the consistency will remain alive.

You can also apply this technique on some other things. You can apply it to any habit that you want to develop. If you want to develop a habit of reading positive books everyday then read one page before sleeping and read one page after sleeping. You have to do the habit you want to develop before you start and end your day. Just simply take a little portion of that habit and then do it before and after you sleep. It doesn't need to be a lot, just a portion of it will do.

Because a very strong habit starts in doing it little but consistently. If you will not start and end your day with that habit then there is a tendency that you might forget it. Just be patient and do it no matter what. This technique is very effective and can change your life the way you want it.