February 28, 2017


A lot of people doesn't want to take something because the percentage of winning is very low. They don't want to give it a try because they want easy money, easy work and fast success. They want to be sure they will win something before they work. That is a lazy and weak attitude.

If you have an idea on your mind and you want to execute it but you are doubting if you are going to succeed, you want to leave your job and focus on your idea but your fear is stopping you from doing it because you are thinking about "what if I don't succeed". You are the only one who have that idea, nobody has ever done it before and that makes you scared even more. You don't have an inspiration, you don't have a model, you don't see anyone doing it... that makes you doubtful and hesitant, the percentage of winning is very low. You don't want to take risk and leave your job because you feel safer with your job.

But staying with your job makes you feel like a loser, you want to do something else so do it. Even if you don't succeed, you will still feel like a winner because you took the risk and you explore what is possible in the territory of unknown. Even if the percentage of winning is very low, take it because it is the only thing that will make you happy. Leave your comfort zone if you feel like a loser there.

You may lose some money, you may even not earn some money, you may become broke but you are only broke in financial. Deep inside of your heart you will feel like a winner because you stand for what you believe in. You will feel rich and successful because you become the captain of your own ship.

And for sure you will win in the end, it is just a matter of working very hard, staying focus and never quitting. Anything that has a low percentage in winning is only low in the beginning, the percentage will become high once you take massive actions and produce results.

So take the risk and forget about winning, just take actions and make the percentage a little it higher everyday. Continue to improve, continue to learn and grow. Once you become great at it, you will never rely on the percentage of winning because you already knew, you can win by yourself.

Take it one step at a time, never rush, never look for the outcome. Success will come in the right time.

February 28, 2017


If you want tit bad enough, if you think that having it is the only thing that will make you happy then you will do whatever it takes to have it and make it yours. You will do impossible things, you will move even if you are tired, you will try even if there are no more chance, you will even crawl if you can't walk anymore just to get there. There are no excuses, you will keep moving forward until you reach your desired destination. You will start again even if it is already over.

Winning is not about raising your hands, it is about conquering adversity and defeating the most difficult challenges that you could ever imagine.

Because if you really want it then you will do everything to get it, even the most irrational ideas... you will bite it and try it. Even if people laugh at you, even if people call you crazy... anything that you think will work, you will try it. Even if the percentage of winning is very low.. you will take it. Even if the risk is very high and you might kill yourself... you will do it.

Because you can make a movement, you can make a little progress every now and then and that is already an enough proof that anything is possible. Little by little, if that is what it takes to get there... you will do it.

You will not be able to think of any excuses to stop if you really want it. You will push through no matter what, you will endure all pain and humiliation. You just don't are at all because winning is more important than how you feel. You don't care about your negative emotions because you are not scared of stress anymore. You are completely lock in and you will keep walking or running or even crawling just to get there.

February 28, 2017


Don't wait for motivation to show up before you start something because it will never help you. Motivation will only visit you once you are suffering. It will not help you if you are not beginning yet and that is the sad reality.

You can feel pumped up, you can feel a little bit motivated or excited once you watch a motivational movie that can win 10 oscar awards or you can be on fire once you read a motivational story that can win a noble prize but I guarantee you, those stuffs will not last long.

Motivation is powerful but a lot of people don't know that motivation can only exist in the middle and in the last stage of your journey. You can find motivation in the middle of your journey, once you are suffering and you want to go back and it will also run inside of your head in the last stage of your journey once you are about to quit and take another route. Motivation is there to make you keep going, it is not there to make you begin something.

So you should start now even if you don't feel good, do something now even if you feel really heavy. If you are waiting to get motivated before you start... I guarantee you, you will never start.

A lot of people can't even start because they were so addicted to motivation. After watching one video they will watch another one and another one until they get tired and will tell themselves that they will start tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, they will do the same routine again until they found themselves not doing anything. They will become depressed again and will start to make a story that motivation is fake. Motivation is not fake, they just think that become fully motivated will make them start and succeed. Motivation doesn't work that way, it will only enter your system once you are in pain, once you wanted to quit. It serves as a third or fourth wind.

So stop thinking that motivation will make you succeed or it will make you do a very strong start. Your decisiveness will make you start. Once you are committed... you will begin right away regardless of how you feel.

So stop thinking about finding that good feeling. Stop looking for strong positive emotion before you start because it will never come. Motivation's job is to keep you going and not to give you a strong beginning. It serves as a reserve fuel when you are running out of gas.

February 27, 2017


If you already have the name, if you have the power, if you can control people then you must use power for inspiration and not for intimidation. Use the story of your life to inspire and motivate people, never use your authority for your own sake and advantage. Because you already have what you want, you already experience a lot and it is time for you to give back.

People will respect you even more if you are treating them right. You can scare them and make them afraid of you but if you are not around they will call you different funny names, they will make fun out of you, do you like that? success is earned and not to be imposed. It should be balanced, they should be scared of you because they respect you and not because you will do something to them if they didn't follow you.

Some big bosses in a certain company is only being followed because he is scaring his employees, this may work but not for a ling time. A lot of people will hate him, some people will even resign because they don't want the rules anymore.

You can make people follow you if you will do some actions that will inspire them. It is up to you how are going to do it. Don't be a power tripper, use your power if needed and if there is someone needed to be disciplined but never use it to force people because it will never produce good results.

You will become more powerful if you will use your power in the right way. Never think that you are above and higher than others because that will go into your head and you will make wrong decisions in life that will be the cause of your falter.

February 27, 2017


If you don't want to tell the truth to somebody because you think you might hurt him... you are hurting him even more. If you don't want to tell him that what he is doing is bad and you are afraid that he might get offended, you better think again. You are making life worse for him. Sometimes you `need to be frank and tell him that what he is doing is wrong. Because his life will become worse in the future if you will not correct it now. Making someone a spoiled brat is not love, it is cowardice, you are scared to tell him the truth because you don't want him to feel bad.

If your friend is behaving badly and  a lot of people were already mad at him... you have to tell him the truth. Even if he gets mad at you, you still have to tell it before it's too late. Don't wait for the whole world to get mad at him before you tell him what is needed to be done. And you are not even sure if he will get mad at you, maybe he will thank you even more for being a concerned friend.

It is better to hurt someone now by telling the truth now and stop ignoring the mistakes. Because situation will become worse if you keep postponing the pain. Truth hurts but all of you must face it to live a better life and correct the wrong things in your life.

It is true that truth shall set you free, sometimes you have to hurt someone to wake him up, sometimes you have to be bold and honest so that you can steer someone to the right direction and show him the right way. Being soft will not change anything, you have to be hard and decisive if you want the best for the people around you.

February 27, 2017


These are the type of people that do no good for the community. All they know is they want to get something but they will never give back anything in return. These people are leeches, they want to suck everything from you and will not even care if you are getting weak.

Avoid the bum squad, never let them enter your life because you will regret it forever. These people will make your life very difficult. They were very lazy, dependent and will always ask for your help even though they can do it themselves. They feel like they were always entitled to get a help from everyone and when they don't get it... they will make dramas.

They always complain about small things, they make out of the world and annoying excuses. They were like babies who can't even carry their own life. They were very demanding even though they don't have the authority. They were backstabbers and will create a story about you if you didn't give them their demands.

Be aware, you never know you are also a member of the bum squad. If you have the characteristics mention above then you better change yourself because people will stay away from you, do you like that? Even your closest friends and family will stay away from you because nobody like a person who is so dependent and like weed who sucks vitamins and energy from other people.

Life is not all about getting and feeling superior. It is about giving and making the people around you better and stronger. You have to be a force that inspires people and make them motivated. You have to be someone that is independent and can make contributions to the society. It doesn't matter how big or small your contribution is, what matters is you are giving back and you are not only thinking about yourself.

February 27, 2017


If you are having a financial trouble, think of abundance and not about being thrifty. Think about solution and not about subtraction.

You don't have to sell things and watch your properties evaporate one by one just to pay your debts. That is subtracting, you need to think about addition. Add some source of income that you think will work, add some hours for work, do an overtime so you will earn extra money. Adding is easier and more effective than subtracting.

Because if you are subtracting something in your life, it means you're broke, it means you are not handling your life very well and you have to let something go. Try to maintain what you have and add some routines or ways that will put you back on the right track.

When it comes to money, it is better to add something to your numbers and stop subtracting it. Always add something to your savings, may it be small or big... keep adding. It is better to save than to spend. Spending will only give you temporary happiness, you are only happy when you are buying the item but wen it is yours already... you will find out that you didn't like it too much, you will discover that you really didn't need it. But when you are saving, you will become happy for a very long time especially when you are seeing your money growing.

Growth means happiness, decreasing means loneliness. So if you want to be happy... always focus on the addition and not on the subtraction. Always focus on growth and not on leveling down. It is easy, just do what you can do to increase your numbers and that's it. Any method will do, any idea is effective for as long as it is focused on addition.

February 27, 2017


In action you can educate yourself through experience, trial and error and just simply working hard. Action is better than education because you're already producing results. In education, you can know everything, you can memorize all the dates, formulas, techniques but if you are lazy to make a move then your knowledge is completely useless and meaningless.

A lot of people wants to study a lot before taking an action, some are even making it as an excuse because they don't want to look for a job. I know someone who's been studying for 10 years and still cannot look for a decent job. He is always mastering something, he is always studying something, his parents got even poor for providing his expensive education. After those ten years, he just got a regular job from a small company, where is the justice there?

What is the use of education if you are weak in execution? I am not saying that education is bad but my point here is if you are so focused on taking actions and making results then you can make things happen. Unlike in focusing on studying, you will just make it as an excuse not to take actions.

With action you can learn a lot of things, you can have experience, you will know what is right and wrong. Your skills will level up and you will be able to build a habit of just doing it regardless of your knowledge. You will not be afraid to take risks because you know you can always make it right if you made a mistake.

Action can build momentum, it will show you the next step while education can not. A man who believes in action will make it very far and can achieve success faster than anyone else while a man who believes in education needs to make a detailed plan first, he needs to study very well first before he draw the first blood.

February 27, 2017


There will be times when you weren't able to show your skills because of some incidents. Sometimes you are not feeling well or you have a problem. Sometimes your coach is benching you or sometimes it is just not your day. Sometimes the judges didn't notice you, sometimes you have a big problem, there will be times when your head is not on it that is why you can't show your true capabilities.

Don't worry because there will always be another day. Sometime nervousness, lack of experience, lack of confidence and not being totally prepared will make you unable to show your skills. Don't worry because there will always be another game, another day, another audition, another tryout. There will always be a next time for you. But that doesn't mean you don't need to give your best today, of course still give your best but don't be hard on yourself if you can't show your true skills now.

Some people are getting depressed if they don't exhibit their best performance, they were getting mad at themselves. Their confidence were going down and they feel that they don't belong. You have to understand that not all night is your night. Even the professionals were messing up in some nights but the only difference is they can accept that they are not perfect and sometimes they were bumming too.

Even if your skills were not showing up or you don't feel good, just try your best to give your best. Always push and make things happen, remember that you can still win even if you can't use your real skills. Always try to remain confident, calm and collective. Never panic, never feel bad. Just look at it as another day, nothing special and there is no need to feel pressure. Even if you fail, keep in mind that there is always another chance, you can always try as many as you want.

February 27, 2017


Not all tasks are fun, not all the time you get to choose what you wanted to do, there will be times when you don't have any choice but to do the task in front of you so you can move on to the next level or step. Everytime you complain about your task.. it gets even harder, time is getting longer and you will feel that it has no ending. You should learn how to enjoy it so you will be able to finish faster and less stress will be felt.

1. Don't aim for a quick finish. Just live with the moment, don't rush because you will make mistakes if you are rushing. Learn to enjoy every movement of your body. Feel blessed because you can still move and you can do a lot of task. Not all people can move because they were handicapped while some people can move but are so lazy so they can't even start a task. Be appreciative if you are moving because it means you are using your life very well. Don't aim for a quick finish because you will get irritated and confused once there is something wrong that happened.

2. Don't look at the wall clock. Just do it, don't look for the time remaining, don't check how longer you need to take actions. Just simply move, breathe, pause then move again. You can enjoy any task if you will control your emotions and just focus on every movement of your body.

3. Think about the reward once you finish the task. The reward can be you earn some money, you created an opportunity to become successful or  just simply feeling good later because you finished a task that is urgent. Think about the things that will happen when you finish the task and you will enjoy it even more.

4. If the task is really boring then think about something else while doing it. I usually do this while I am on a thread mill. I run everyday for an hour and I hate to admit it but sometimes it really becomes boring and hard. What I do is I think of some other things while running, I think about the happy moments from the past, I think about my dreams, I visualize, I think about thoughts that will make me feel better. While doing that, I start to forget time and I didn't even notice that I am already done.

It is just a matter of manipulating your mind and finding thoughts that will make you feel better. Don't get so emotional when things get hard. Just always remember that it is doable and you will be finished in just a few moments. Time is fast especially if you can find happy thoughts.

February 26, 2017


Sometimes the people who are pretending to be dumb are the people who are smarter. It is because they knew that being smart doesn't need to be exposed, it comes out naturally. And sometimes they don't want to get caught in an argument with someone who is pretending to be smart and doesn't want to admit his mistake. Smarter people will pretend that they are dumb so the discussion will not get any longer. They don't want to talk to people who are pretenders and will instigate a fight just to prove that they are smarter and more intellectual.

Smarter people will just keep quiet and will not contradict any ideas from people who are pretending to be smart. They knew what is right and they don't need to prove it because it was already proven. They don't care if they were beaten in a discussion because they never believe in words, they believe in actions.

So if you are this kind of person who is pretending to be smart and knows everything... be careful because sometimes you think you are playing with people but the truth is smarter people is playing you. They will laugh at you the moment you are not around anymore, they knew that you are lying so you better stop your arrogance because it will backfire at you.

The best way to become smart is to tell that you are not smart and don't force people to think that you are smart. Just act naturally and accept the things that you don't know. People will be impressed at you even more if you are true to yourself. Admit that you don't know something because you will only look dumber if you are pretending that you know everything.

And the truth is... it doesn't matter if you are smart or not, what really matters is you can produce results that will put your life in a better position.

February 26, 2017


I know it is hard but the only way to escape from bitterness, jealousy and anger is to be happy for your opponent. If your opponent is winning, be happy for him, that will set you free. That will put your mind at peace. Because if you will keep complaining and not accepting that you lost.... you are just making your situation worst. It is like you are digging your own grave. You can't sleep, you can't think of other positive things, you can't move on. The truth is... you've already lost, you cannot change the decision or the outcome anymore. It is better to accept it and be happy for the guy who is winning.

All you can do is learn from your lost and be better than yesterday. You can be sad but don't stay on that area for a long time. You may need some space or time being alone but don't ever think that you are not good enough and that you need to prove yourself. What is done is done, if you can not be happy for someone then just move on and learn to be happy for yourself.

If you will learn how to be happy for your opponent then you don't need to think for revenge, you don't need to think for ill will. You will just live your life and live one day at a time. You will not wish for the time to come when you can have your revenge and be the winner again, what is the point of doing that?

You can still win even if you lost. It is just a matter of how do you think about the lost. You can think of it as an opportunity to grow and become stronger or you can think of it as a weakness. It is your choice on what perception you want to accept.

Being happy for your opponent means you still have the confidence to win next time, it means you are still on the right frame of mind. I know it is hard to do but it is possible. Never take a lost seriously, you can always come back stronger, you can always become a winner.

February 26, 2017


Placing your numbers in a proper place will make you very successful, especially if you have or produce large numbers. It's all about repeating something and putting your energy to a more beneficial activity, as simple as that.

Gamblers put their money on gambling, they thought that it is the right move. Did you know someone who become rich through gambling? no one right? gambling is a piece of shit, it will make you feel sometimes that you are winning but in reality, if you will count the number of times you won... it is lesser than the number of times you lost. You are losing money but you are pretending to be blind, you are still hoping that you can get back the money that you lost. If you will only put your number of money in business then maybe you will have a legit chance to become rich. Put your numbers in a position where there is a big chance in winning, don't rely on luck, trust hardwork.

Some MMA fighters are making a number of drills instead of practicing kicking and punching. Some fighters will hammer a tire a million times, it doesn't make sense because you will not hammer a tire inside the cage. If they only make a number of punches and kicks a million times instead of hammering a tire then their skills will advance to another level, their chances of winning will go up. They are putting their numbers in a wrong place that is why their chances of winning is very low.

Instead of kissing your wife a million times, you are yelling at her a million times. Now tell me, would that kind of attitude gonna make your relationship healthier? Kiss her a million times and let's see if if both of you will still hate each other. Again, it's all about putting your numbers in the right place, it's all about choosing what numbers to produce. Is it a negative number or a positive number?

If you are making your website popular, what method will you do? are you going to increase the number of your post or are you going to increase the number of words in your post? whatever works for you, it is right, it is all about putting your numbers in the right place. Once you know where to put your numbers, repeat it over and over again until you become successful.

You want to have a peace of mind a better life but you keep on producing hundreds of negative thoughts. Why don't you just produce hundreds of positive thoughts even though your situation is bad, what do you think will be the result?

Life will become easier if you will just be smart in making decisions on where to put your numbers in the right place. You know what is the place of growth, you know what numbers will give you a higher percentage of success.

February 26, 2017


Ego is something that makes your life really difficult. It makes you think you're better than the others which is not true and that kind of mindset makes you feel you are so special. When there are instances that you were not treated special by some people... you get mad, you get disappointed and you feel like you've been humiliated. Who is the loser now? is it them or you? You want to be treated special and that kind of mentality will take away your freedom. Your happiness is to shaky and it is purely coming from the respect that you get from other people. Without that respect... you feel low.

Having a lot of ego will avoid you from being loose, it will make you always mad, feel bad and missing something. You will not be a the state of abundance if you have a lot of ego in your body. You always wanted to look good, best and above from others. That is why when there is someone doing better than you... you always get jealous because you always wanted to be the topic of the conversation.

If someone criticizes you... you got really angry. If they said that you are not good enough and that you're just an amateur or newbie... you will burst in anger, you would even love to hurt the person that say all those things. But if you know yourself... your ego will die. If you know that you are good enough and that your skills were enough then you will have the feeling that you don't need to prove anything to anybody. In other words... your ego has already been dead if you know who you really are.

If you know that you're a good person and you know honestly in yourself that you are doing well in life, no matter what people tell you... you will not be affected. All the backstabbing, trash talking will be useless because you already knew yourself and you believe in yourself.

If you know yourself, you will not compete against anyone because that is pointless to you. Your ego is dead so you feel that your not better than anyone but no one is also better than you. Everything is neutral, everything is connected and you simply don't care about who is on top or at the bottom.

If you know yourself, you will feel secured. You don't care if someone is about to replace you because you always knew you can find something better. You don't get insecure because you trust your talents and skills so much, you know there is always a better place for you. You don't control anything, you are free and worry cannot enter your mind.

You don't care if you lose because you know that you can recover and you can come back stronger. You don't care about critics because all you care about is how you feel. You never entertain negative emotions because you can control your emotions. You appreciate losing because it is still a part of your life.

So who are you? what are your strengths and weaknesses? if you know all those things then your ego will die. You will accept what you can do and what you cannot do. You will never care what people say, all you care about is your happiness and growth.

February 26, 2017


Rich becomes richer not because they were already rich when they were born, there are hundreds of stories about rags to riches out there and all of them are true. It is also not because they were educated and they have all the knowledge and talents to become rich in life. The big difference between rich and poor is the rich people practices delayed gratification very well. Poor people want immediate satisfaction, they have this "YOLO" idea which is perceived the wrong way.

1. Poor people never save money. Once they earn some money they will spend it right away because it makes them feel good. It makes them proud because at least they can spend something. They never save money so when an emergency comes to their life... they will borrow money from others, they will even borrow money from lenders with big interest that makes them even poorer. Rich people are different, they always save money every now and then, they never buy useless things. They were so focused on making their assets grow that is why they become richer and richer.

Poor people also thought that being rich is having cars and houses and big money that is why they don't feel rich, they know they can't have those things so they will just spend the money on their hands because they think that it is impossible to become rich. Literally they really have poor mindset and broke perspectives. Being rich doesn't have anything to do with the number of possessions you have. Being rich is a feeling, once you feel abundance and you have the commitment to make your money grow little by little and you don't have any debts then you're already rich. It's very easy to do but because poor people wants instant satisfaction... they can't make their money grow. No matter how small your salary is.. you can make your money grow if you will spend wisely and never care about people say if you are not buying anything. You should look at the bigger picture here. Once you are on a very strong momentum and your money keep growing... it will multiply in different ways because you already have the rich mindset.

2. Poor people were always in a stand by mode. They love sleeping, they love hanging out with their "so called" friends so much, they want to look cool and loud that is why they have a lot of time being wasted. They can even use those time wasted for making money but because they were too lazy... they will choose to be in a stand by mode rather than looking for an opportunity to create some money.

3.Rich people are very patient. They are willing to work for long hours and make their business successful. They even work even if their business is not earning yet. They were very patient and they can wait for a long time until their business is already earning. Unlike poor people, once they saw that something is not working... they will leave it right away and will never try for the second or third time.

4. Rich people has lesser children than poor people. Why? because they were smart enough to know that having a lot of children will make their life difficult. They don't want their children to suffer so they were responsible enough to plan very well and do what is  best for their children. Rich people has an average of 2-4 children only in their family while poor people have 5-10, what a big difference. You can also see the "want immediate satisfaction" factor here. Poor people always wants to satisfy themselves and doesn't care if they will have a lot of children. They just reproduce and reproduce without using any method to avoid having a lot of children. Knowledge about family planning is not needed here, you just need a basic logic if you want to avoid poverty.

The conclusion is rich people were very good in disciplining themselves, they were very good practitioners of delayed satisfaction and abstinence just to secure their future and live and abundant life. On the other hand, poor people wants to get happy so fast, all they care about is how they feel at the moment, they were too emotional and invested in having an easy life that is why they are having a hard life.

February 26, 2017


Bidding for project is not that hard to do you just bid and talk lies whenever you needed to, but of course you should still prove the client that you can do the job. You can talk lies and cover your weak spots but you still have to be confident that you can do the job. You have to do it and make it successful no matter what. There are some things that you should remember when you are bidding for a project, here are they:

1. Portfolio or proof that you can do the job. You should have an impressive portfolio so your clients will say wow to your work and will believe you right away. You portfolio should make their saliva drop, your portfolio should be impressive and it should contain what they are looking for. The trick here is make your portfolio big so they will see that you are working hard and you have a lot of experience.

2. Say you can do it. Always say that you can do it, never give them doubt that you may fail. Always make them believe that you are the right person for the project and that you have the skills to make a particular project outstanding. Even if somehow you don't feel that you can do it, just say you can do it. Because if you say that you can't then for sure they will not hire you.

3. Don't accept a project with unrealistic deadline. Never make the clients disappointed so you should only accept projects that you can do with the given time frame. Never accept projects that will make you ask for an extension. Clients will kill if they are expecting something but you can't deliver anything. So if you say that you can do it in a particular timeline, you must deliver or else you won't get paid.

4. Agree to him. Any suggestions that a client said... agree with him. Never disagree with a client or else you will not be hired. Always follow the client, he knew what he wants, your job is to deliver what is on his mind.

5. Make suggestions so he will know that you know something. Don't be afraid to make suggestions because he might like your idea and get impressed at you. Making suggestions will make him feel that you are serious and you really know something about the project.

February 26, 2017


Change is not complicated but it is a very difficult thing because knowledge or talents will not play any role if you want to change. Your endurance is the number one recipe for a change. It is your willingness and level of commitment.

Sometimes you think you already changed but your bad habits is going back again. I have a friend who already stop smoking cigarettes for six months but he go back puffing the disgusting stick again. I don't know what makes him go back again, he didn't value the six months that he endure not puffing a single cigarette. Or maybe he think that he will just try a single cigarette and it was just for fun but it didn't work that way. He become addicted to nicotine again and he is even worse.

Just because you change for a few weeks or months doesn't mean you already changed. Change is a commitment, you have to commit to it forever or else you will go back to your old weak habits again. You have to remember the days that you endure discomfort just to change something in your life. You have to remind yourself that doing that bad habit again just for once will erase the good run that you did. A single mistake will bring back the old you so your level of commitment to change must be very high. You must be strict and you must be very strong in ignoring temptation.

Let's say you stop eating unhealthy foods today because you want to have a healthy body... that decision today is already a change, you already changed but the question is... is your level of commitment very high? are you going to stick with it for a very long time?

Some people think that change is a long process. No, there is no process in change, it is just commitment. You can change today but make sure your commitment is unbreakable and you must keep your words because if not... you are just fooling yourself and making life even difficult for you.

February 26, 2017


Just try, just simply try, any try can make a connection. You never know, it can be the opportunity that you are waiting for. Any try is serving as a signal that you are asking for something and the universe is listening to you. It's just a matter of how hard you try and how bad do you want it. If you try so hard and try so many times then for sure you will get what you are dreaming about.

If you try to talk to your mom that you haven't seen for a long time because she's mad at what you've done, if you call her... even if she hang up on you at the phone... that is still a connection, she still feel your intention. She will feel something about it and that will create a connection.

Any try will create a momentum, even if you fail at your second or third try, it still mean you are doing the right thing. If you try to look for a job and you've been rejected a lot of times... feel happy about it because it only means you emit a signal to the universe that you need a job. The universe is listening to you, it will give you what you want if you are creating strong signals. And those companies who rejected you might even call you one day if  they didn't see any other applicants who were better than you so it only means any rejection is still alive.

If you are trying to learn some musical instrument and you feel like you are not progressing... don't think that way. The moment you hold that instrument, you already made a connection to learning. The moment you are trying a few notes even if your timing sounds ridiculous.. you are already learning, that is already a connection. Just keep practicing everyday and make connections as much as you can, you will learn because all of those tries will connect in the end and you will be able to produce some great pieces.

So keep trying because you are building a very strong momentum once you are trying. Even if you are not seeing results yet, you will see it in the end. You will never regret that you try a lot of times.

February 26, 2017


All of your decisions were right, you can take any path because every path is the right path, every action is the right action. For as long as your intentions is right... you are right.

Don't worry if you think you've made a wrong decision because it is not the decisions itself that is important, it is if you've learned something from it. And the truth is... you can always learn from something if you will appreciate what happened to you and if you will always look at the bright side.

So if you bought a third hand car that you are doubtful from the start if it will work for a long time then suddenly one day its machine break down... don't ever regret your decision of buying it. Your friends and family are giving you an advise before to not buy it yet you bought it because you really want it. Never regret your decision because at least you know next time that it is bad to buy a third hand car. Well, at least you learned a lesson. And if you are curious enough to study the parts of your car and learn how to fix it then it is a double lesson for you. You already knew how to fix a car, isn't that amazing?

If you fail at something because it is a big risk, and again your friends and family are telling you before to not take that path but you still take it because yo feel something good about it... Never mind if you fail, at least you take the risk and you also learn some lesson. You know now that not all the time you take risk you will be rewarded. But don't be afraid to take risks again next time because you already knew what to do and for sure you will succeed again next time.

If you fail, never forget to chat down the lesson because that is what failing is all about. It is not there to demoralized you, it is not there to make you feel bad, it is there to make you smarter, it is there to make you grow so you will know be ready to face anything next time.

February 25, 2017


The rule is this... if you can still walk then you can still work, legs is the barometer of your strength, if you can still use it then it means you are still strong and you need to move if you don't want to get weak or die early. You need to stay active and keep moving. Don't just sit there and wait for your pension every month. You still have a lot of time, you can still do anything you want. And that is the beauty of life, you can make it long, you can extend it if you are doing the right thing.

Don't beg in the street and ask for money because you think you are too old. You can find a way, you can still offer the world some service that you know. Stop acting like you're weak and you're already slow. Stop excusing yourself from doing the work because you are still capable.

Join some marathon or any activity that will make you stronger, organize some events that will give you progress and happiness. It's never too late for you to be happy. If you are always active then you will never get rusty and weak. It's all about movement and taking positive actions, you can still grow even if you were already old.

I've known a lot of old people who still look like an animal and work like an animal even in their late 80's. These people knew the secret of how to become healthy and strong. They keep themselves active and sharp. They never rest, they are living their life to the fullest, they don't want to miss anything.

Just always stay busy and commit to growth, that is the secret of making your life stronger and longer. Pursue a different passion, try a lot of things that will give you abundance and happiness. It's never too late to experiment with your life, you can still try anything and be anything. Don't be afraid of what people say, be afraid of the regret that you will feel in the end once you can't move anymore.

February 25, 2017


Face the pain now, don't delay it. You have to face  the discomfort now and embrace it until it's gone. Because if you will face it later, if you will always delay it.. the pain will become stronger and harder to endure.

Face the pain of training hard now and doing all the hard stuffs because if you will go soft and lazy today, your opponents in the competition will dominate you and that is even painful. So face it and don't delay it.

Face the pain of dieting now and making your healthy body because if you will not do it, it will become even painful later. You will get sick, you will become overweight and that is more painful.

Face the pain of working hard now and saving money because if you will not do it... you will become broke one day and that is even painful.

Face the pain of eating your ego and say sorry to someone you've done wrong because you will feel more pain in the end if your relationship with that person is breaking.

The truth is you will still face the pain no matter what, it is better to advance it than to delay it. Because if you will advance it... there will be rewards but if you delay it... you will have punishment and sanctions. So it is better to advance the pain, it is only temporary, you can feel better later.

People who aren't to afraid to face the pain are the ones who are disciplined, successful, healthy and have a more balanced life. They simply do what is needed to be done. They face discomfort because they knew they will get benefits from it.

So you better check yourself if you are delaying the pain because if you are doing so then your life will become more difficult in the end. Once you have a responsibility to do... do it.

February 25, 2017


If you think that wishing for an easier path is the best thing to do... you better think again. Wanting an easy route and easy life will make your life even harder. You will become dependent, you will always ask for help, you will never accomplish things on your own and you will become a whiner and excuse maker, in other words... you will become very soft. Soft as a jelly, softer than a cotton candy.

If you're so used to having an easy life then you will have a very difficult life in the end. It is because once your support is cut, once there is no more person to help you... you're in big trouble my friend. You wouldn't know what to do, you will be afraid because you don't win any battles in life in your own from the past.

Don't wish for an easy life because you will never experience the real life if you didn't experience any hardship. The real you will be revealed through pain and adversity. You will know how strong, tough and durable you are once life hit you with its hurtful jokes.

A lot of people who were born rich and everything handed to them were having a difficult time adjusting in life when they don't have those riches anymore. They were already poor but they were still acting like they have a lot of money, they want soft pillow, delicious food, nice cars and clothes but the sad thing is they can't have those things anymore.

So if you want to succeed in life but you don't want to suffer... you are being delusional. You have to wake up and face the pain, face the work that is needed to be done before you become successful. There are lot of work waiting but you can finish it all if you are willing to move and force yourself to taking actions. Do it one by one, you can go very far if you are very patient and just simply enjoying the journey.

All people who are wishing for an easy path are just followers. They are the slaves of politicians, extra character in a movie, gold diggers, unemployed and any other jobs that are not difficult but will earn money. They can't make it big because they don't have the courage to pursue big dreams. All easy path has no big rewards, it will only give you temporary happiness.

Because if you are doing easy things, your life will be hard in the end. Easy things will never produce great things, it is only a temporary fix, it is only a small success.

February 25, 2017


Not all but most parents wants to give his child comfort. They don't want their children to get hurt that is why they choose what is safe for their children. Don't blame them if they are stopping you from getting your dreams. They will break your heart because they don't want to break theirs. They don't want to see you in pain or bleeding. They always want what is easier for you, they want to make sure that you will do good in life. But settling for good means not great.

If you want to become a fighter, let's say a boxer or an MMA fighter, of course your parents will get mad and will stop you from doing that. While some parents will support their children but majority of them will not, especially if you are chasing a wild dream that is very dangerous and might take away your life. Don't get mad at your parents, they just don't want to see you in pain or getting sucker punched by someone, they don't want you to lose.

The best thing to do is to give them an assurance that you are doing well, finish your studies. Settle for something safe and then pursue dangerous dreams. What I mean by that is show them that you have a stable job and everything in your life has been taken care of then continue doing what you really want, chase your true dreams, follow your heart. If you really want it then you can do it. Not having time is just an excuse, you have a lot of time if you will use your time for useful things.

Parents want to see you in a very secured and stable place that is why they are acting like they don't support you. Don't feel sorry and never get angry at them. They are not stopping you from getting your dreams, they just want you to pursue a safer dream.

February 25, 2017


Not getting what you want doesn't mean you are unfortunate and you have to feel bad. Not getting what you want will give you a lot of advantages in life. You will discover some perspective, you will get benefits that you don't know is there.

If you are requesting for an extra mayonnaise or ketchup in a quick service restaurant and suddenly the waiter told you that they don't have anymore, of course your initial reaction is you will get mad. Why in the hell does a quick service restaurant doesn't have any ketchup at all? but keep it cool, you're mad but always look at the brighter side of life. You all know that ketchup and mayonnaise is not healthy and it will only make your belly thicker. So not getting it will prevent you a little bit of adding some weight in your fat ass. Not getting it still has some benefits so be happy if you didn't get it.

You are working for a big goal, you really work hard for it, you give time, you burn your eyebrows, you endure sleepless nights but you still didn't succeed. It's ok, don't feel sad because you still get some benefits for failing. You are still hungry and you will still work hard, you are even hungrier than before which is a good thing because next time you will surely succeed. A lot of people who already succeeded were not hungry anymore, they become lazy so they go back being a failure again. If you didn't succeed now... it means better things are waiting for you.

If you can't buy what you want because you're only poor and you don't have money to buy things... don't worry again. That will make you motivated to work harder and reach for your dreams. That lack of something will make you work like hell, it will give you a different mindset, you will grab any opportunity that is presented to you. You will not entertain second thoughts, you will just grab it and make your life better than before.

If you are not getting what you want, you are training yourself for delayed gratification. It means you are willing to endure and sacrifice for bigger things. You are willing to wait, you are willing to accept what is present and make your future brighter.

February 25, 2017


Being controlled by anger will put you in a terrible position, you will make decisions that you will regret forever in your life. You will speak words that you will be ashamed of. If you move while angry then for sure you will not like the results. Some people were put into jail because they made a terrible mistake, they let their anger get the best of them.

The only way to beat anger is to know that you are angry, you must always be aware of your emotions. You must know that anger will not help and it will only put you in a very ugly spot. If you're a hot headed person then for sure you have a lot of enemies or a lot of people don't like you. I know sometimes you didn't mean what you said or did but using anger as an excuse is a sign of an immature person.

Some people doesn't even know that they are angry when they're angry. They just ride into their emotions and become a wild beast. And when they calm down, they will tell everyone that they don't know what is happening, that they just did some terrible mistakes because they were controlled by anger.

You can stop anger the moment you feel it, and when you are aware that you are angry... think deeply, is it really a big deal? is your life going to change when you got angry? are you going to die if you didn't burst in anger? is the issue going to be solved once you shout at people or you berserk like a wild animal? You only have the right to become angry when it's  very obvious that people disrespected you or your family but if it is only about small things then just let it go because there are more important things that you should be focusing.

Keep in mind that anger will only ruin your day or your life. You will always be the loser if you get mad at small things, you can let it go if you will only focus on the better and bigger things in life.

February 25, 2017


All of you were addicted to pleasing people, you want to look good, you want to make others feel good. You want to be appreciated and you always seek for people's approval which is a very bad thing. If you will always try to please the people around you, you will never become happy. All of your actions were based on their principles and demands. You will lost freedom and confidence in yourself. You will become a fake individual with good intentions.

There is only one person that you must please and that is the person that is closest to you. It can be your mom, dad, sister, brother or best friend. Because that person will accept you in your worst times, he will never leave you nor feel ashamed of you once you fail. Some people are only good if you are winning, some people will only stay at your side if they are getting something from you so you better be careful who to please.

Because the closest person to you will never leave you even if you are not doing well anymore, he will always guide you and help you no matter what. He will be loyal to you and will stay with you in hunger or in abundance. He has a genuine care for you and will always wish nothing but the best for you.

If you are pleasing a lot of people then it means you are weak, it means you want to prove something which is not necessary, it means you don't know who you really are because your happiness is based on people's reactions and appreciations. What if they don't like you anymore? what if they were not interested at you anymore? how would you feel?

So please only the person who will stay with you forever and will sacrifice for you. That person is worth it and you can count on him during tough times.

February 24, 2017


If you want to have a lot of power in life, if you want to take control of your emotions and situations... stay busy. If you are busy no one can disturb you. But of course you have to choose the things that you will be busy about. You can't be busy on negative things because it will only make you life even miserable, be busy in something that will make you better and your life better. Be busy in something productive and will give you benefits. Be busy in something that will give you money or something that will make you grow.

There are lot of things were you can be busy about, it can be about arts, business, exercise or even simple things like meditation and cleaning your house. Anything that you enjoy doing and will give you peace, it is a good thing.

If you are so busy working and making yourself better, you will not even know the negative news around you, you will not know the latest gossips, crimes etc. You will have a peace of mind, you will forget the problems of the world. You will forget recession, economic problems, price increase of products, government and any other things that will only give you a headache. You will be happier, you will only experience stress very little and that is a healthy stress because it comes from your work or project.

If you are busy improving yourself, you will even forget your enemies and the people who hurt you. It's not that you are isolating yourself, you just don't have time for any bullshits because you are enjoying yourself too much, you are having a bliss, some kind of a trance that nobody can understand other than you.

If you are busy you will know more about yourself, you will know how good you are and what are your capabilities, you will discover a lot from yourself that you thought never exist. You will experience happiness that you never felt before.

February 24, 2017


If you have a strong will then you don't care anymore if your situation is bad or not. You will just do what you wanted to do and get what you wanted to achieve, as simple as that. It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, it doesn't matter if there are lot of distraction or disturbance around you. It doesn't matter if you are suffering a lot, if you have a strong will then it's game over... you already won. You just need to keep going and wait until you win.

Will is powerful, it can make the impossible possible, it can produce unbelievable moments. It can make the sea dry, it can make the clouds disappear. It can make the wrong correct, it can break any rules and make the expert look like an amateur.

So even if you feel bad or something is aching in your body, you will just take actions, pain doesn't count. All you see is results and momentum, and even if there is no momentum, you will still do it.

If you're just a newbie in something and you don't know what to do... don't check your knowledge nor your situation, check your if your will is strong and if you are really determined to get it because if not... just pack your bags and cry back home, you don't have any chance if you have a weak will power.

If you have a strong will power, you will not even question yourself, you will not listen to what naysayers say, you will defy odds and make everything look like their nothing. All you value is your goal and the things you wanted to happen. Your focus cannot be broken, you have this gut that is very powerful and your body language never changes even if adversity strikes your life.

February 24, 2017


Life is easy yet a lot of people don't know it because they were too tied with their emotions. They give value too much to their negative feelings. Once they feel bad or something is aching in their body... their day is ruined, they will not perform well, they will not give their best, they will become hot headed and mostly... their work is affected.

You can't be controlled by emotions instead you must control your emotions if you want to have an easier and more meaningful life.

A little traffic is making your head hot, a simple joke is offending you, a disrespectful co-worker is ruining your day. If you will think deeply... those things are nothing, those things cannot affect you if you are patient and you think more of highly things. If you are so focused on living a better life then those things will not matter to you.

You need to learn how to cut negative emotions that are running in your system right away so you can shift your vibration to a happier state. This skill is not difficult to master, it takes time but once you become good at it... you will live a happier and easier life.

If you feel bad because your noisy neighbor is annoying you... cut that emotion right away, think of some other things, focus on more productive activity. If you give attention to something... it will become bigger so if you fight your neighbor, your problems will become bigger.

If you feel bad because you have a little headache... don't give it too much attention, cut the thought that you feel bad instead just slow things down, be in the moment and always think that it is just a matter of time before your headache go away.

It is not hard to do, just think of some other things that is not connected to your negative emotion. If you are sad then think of the past happy memories. If you are scared then remember the times when you act courageous, as simple as that. They key here is to be aware that you are feeling bad and having the sense of urgency that you need to replace that feeling right away. You can have fun with it, you can see its good benefits.

February 24, 2017


Having money is a big advantage to create more money. That is why if you want to build a business then you must have enough capital that you can use to start. I am not saying that if you don't have money then you can never create more money. I am just saying that if you have money then it will be easier for you to create more money especially if you use your money in the right way and you implement right methods to make it multiply.

Even if you are not doing any business, once you have money... you can attract more money. If you have a pretty decent savings in your bank account then it will be easier for you to earn more money and make your bank account bigger. It is because you have the feeling of having a lot of money. And once you feel good then you can also attract good. You will always be at ease, you will have a peace of mind and that is very good in any kind of career. You will not worry about bills, food to eat or emergency. Once you are at peace, it will be easier for you to create more money. 

So start saving now and never touch your savings, only use it if there is an emergency. Once you know that you have money then you will be more creative, inspired, motivated and free. Once you have the habit of saving money then you will save money forever because you will feel rich. Feeling rich is no different from being rich in the real life. Wealth is all about emotions, once you feel good then you will experience abundance. 

It doesn't matter if your money is small or big, what matters is the amount you have gives you good feelings, security and freedom. Freedom to do things without worrying if you have money to spend for tomorrow. 

February 24, 2017


Have you ever bought something that you thought was really good and you like it but when you saw someone having something like what you have but the details and price were better, you will suddenly feel bad? you will feel that what you have is ugly. It is not ugly, you just compare what you have to others and when you feel that yours is uglier, you suddenly feel bad. It's not bad, you just regret it. Everything you have will look ugly when you regret it.

Once you purchase something, fully appreciate it and never regret buying it. Never compare it with others because you will only see the fault you did for buying that thing. Once you compare, it means you are not satisfied with your decision, it means you are not confident about what is yours, it means you are still looking for something better.

Same as taking actions, when you said something to someone, don't regret saying it, especially if your intention is to appreciate him. If he didn't like what you said for whatever reasons, it's none of your business. It will only look bad if you regret it.

Once you did something and your intention is good... never regret that you did it. Things and situation will only look bad if you are thinking about what you did wrong. Don't think so much, don't worry so much. Every positive actions with good intentions is the right action.

So if you purchase something next time... just love it, never compare it with others, never think that your decision is wrong. This usually happens when you bought something and you see that there is a same item in a different store with a cheaper price. You regret your decision because you think you lost the opportunity for saving some money. But if you didn't look for another store to compare your stuff then you will never regret it right? so the lesson is once you made a decision, stick with it and never think of something else that will only make you feel bad.

February 24, 2017


Once you decided to become successful, once you have a made up mind that you are going to get it and you are working super hard everyday then that's it. You don't need to think about anything else anymore, just keep working and grinding and success will come into your house for sure. I don't know the deadline or the timeline but it will come, you just need to wait for it while working and for sure you are going to have it.

The reason why you are having a hard time getting it and success is always postponed is because you always change your mind, you always change your route, you always doubt yourself when things are not working. You can make anything work if you are willing to stick long enough for it to work. Don't change your habits if your habits were good already and aligned to your goals.

Patience is a virtue, if you can't wait then it means you don't want it bad enough. All you got to do is keep repeating and repeating over and over again. Yeah, sometimes it is tiring but you have to look at the person you've become... you are becoming great at something, wasn't that amazing?

Because if you will stop or change another route then you will go back to zero. There is no turning back now, you've got to lock in to your goal, take relentless actions and just wait for your time. Your time will come, no one knows it but for sure it will come.

Success is a marathon not a sprint, the ones who can stick with his goal forever will be the one who will succeed. Some made it fast but where are they now? they go back being a failure because they don't have the stamina and endurance to stay on top. Once you wait for a long time and work for a long time then you will stay on top for a long time, you may even stay on top forever. Simply because the habits are there, the knowledge is there and the discipline is there which is very difficult to remove in your system. You will become a winner forever.

February 24, 2017


Your position in life is where is your head at. If you are thinking about the difficulty of life then your life will become very difficult. But if you are thinking about abundance and you keep taking positive actions then life will open the most precious gifts for you and it will make you experience the beauty of it. You are what you think about. If you think that you are great then you are, if you think that you are useless then you are. Your head thoughts can never go wrong.

So what you need to do is entertain thoughts that will make your life better and your position higher. Don't think lowly of yourself. Always think that you can do this and you can do that. Always appreciate the beauty of life and it is always easy because it is. Life only becomes difficult because you make it difficult. You are so focus on the difficulty and not on the easiness. It will only become easy if you will direct your thoughts to the right direction and keep thinking about how can you make solutions. Always think about the improvement, never think about failing because that kind of mentality will make you a failure.

Once you made a mistake... never put your head on that mistake, move on very fast and never take it seriously. Why are you so serious? just have fun in doing the right thing and building the life that you want.

If you want a very nice car then look for the picture of the cars that you want. Never look at the mediocre cars because you are setting yourself up for getting it. Never look at the second hand or used cars because I know that you don't want it, you are just forcing yourself to like it because you think that it is the only thing that you can afford. You can do more, you can have more. The main reason why are you not getting what you want is because your head is not focused on getting it. Your head is focused on comfort and that is getting easy things that will give you no sweat.

If you want big money then why are you so focused on getting jobs or business that will give you low pay? You want an assurance that is why you are pretending that you want those low paying jobs. But if you are also sure that you will get big money then that is what you will get. If you are so sure about something you will get it because your head is on it.

February 23, 2017


Rejection is really painful especially if you can't handle it. People who can't handle rejection usually gets depressed, their confidence goes down, they think that it is the end of the world. They make it a big deal and they felt like their value is not that important to the world. They were like cry babies who takes everything seriously. They want to make dramas and get sympathy from other people.

If you want to don't feel anything about rejection you should reframe your mind and give other meaning to it. Think of it as a play, everytime you get rejected... always think that you are just playing and that it's their lost and not yours. No matter how important your request is or no matter how valuable the situation is... always think that you are just playing and you are playing with people whom you are asking something for.

Always think that eveyrtime you got rejected you become stronger because you have to courage to ask, you have bravery to speak up unlike other people who kept their mouth shut because they were so afraid to get rejected, always think that you are better than other people because you can ask for what you want no matter what. And it is true, everytime you got rejected or humiliated... the more you don't feel about it anymore, it is like another day, it is like a normal situation that doesn't even impact your life.

Make it a game, once you are scared to ask something... you ask right away. If you have a crush on a girl... ask her right away to go out on a date with you. Don't think and complicate things, don't worry about the outcome. Be happy not with the result but because you take actions and you never wish for something without doing nothing. You do it because you want to change, you don't want to be scared anymore. Trying but failing is way better than not seeing what you can have. Playing safe is for coward people. Of course timing is still important but sometimes you will not know what is the right timing unless you try. And the more you ask people about your intentions, the more you try... the more you will become good in talking to them and convincing them. Think of yourself as someone who is just learning and growing everytime you ask for what you want.

And once you got rejected... just shake your head and laugh. Of course you will feel bad but never let that bad feeling stay within you for a long time. Make it stay for a maximum of 1 minute then go ahead and live your life again. This is fun, make it a game, never lose confidence everytime you got rejected because it is really nothing and all people got rejected... even the finest ones. The more you try and test yourself.. the more you will become confident. Time will come and you will not feel anything about being rejected anymore.

February 23, 2017


You think you can do it later huh? a lot of people believed that before. They though that they can do it later only to find out that it is over. They thought that they can give their best later and that their time is enough but when they are about to start... they were having a difficulty, they can't even move. There were so pressured because their time is running out, they were having a hard time to focus, they feel so tired and they cannot think right. 

It is not confidence when you think you can do it later, it is laziness and arrogance.

Why not do it now while you still have a lot of time? why not do it now while the pressure is lesser and you can still think clearer? You have more power now, you have a lot of momentum now so why not do it now?

Maybe you are really tired but you can pause. You are allowed to slow down but never allow yourself to rest for a long time. Never think that you will be stronger later and things will go smooth because it never will. Something bad will always happen in the worst possible time. Unexpected events can occur. Brownout can happen, rain can happen, additional task may be assigned to you etc.

If you decided to do it later, you will become lazy even more. Sometimes your mind will even tell you to do it tomorrow which is a very bad thing. If you think can do it later, you are hallucinating that you have a lot of time. You think you are fast but when the execution time is there... you can't even move your feet. Simply because you are already feeling the high pressure and worries are starting to take over. 

So do it now even if you feel so tired, do it now even if you think you can't continue.

You will find the energy once you continue, your momentum will start to go strong. Just keep moving forward because you will feel better in a while. 

February 23, 2017


Have you been wondering all of your life and searching for the solution to become successful? are you searching for this process or technique that you think will work? do you think that it will take forever to find that break or opportunity to become successful?

If you keep on looking for it and you still can't see it... be patient. Give it more time, you can only see it if you will stick with it. You have to stick with the process, you have to keep grinding and pushing, there is no other way around.

A lot of people almost see what they are looking for but the problem with them is they were satisfied with the word "almost". They never push, they never stick with the process until the end that is why they were satisfied of just telling their stories to everyone that they almost succeed, it's just it's not for them. What a funny story!

Stick with it for a long time, stick with it until the end and you will see what you are looking for. You will see the solution, you will see the right technique. The gates of heaven will open, the doors of opportunity will open. The right way will be shown to you because your decision is right to stay on your journey until you succeed. You never know, you only needed a little effort just to see it, you never know how close you are until you stick with it until the end.

No quitter has ever been rewarded and no fighter has ever failed, keep that in mind. You can quit now and make excuses all day long or all day year but how does it help you? You will still remain the same loser, you can blame a lot of people or a lot of things but a loser will still be a loser.

February 23, 2017


It's good if you already experience a lot of pain, seen a lot of struggles and endure the hardest battles in your life. And even if you are still struggling, never lose hope because it only means the next big things are coming. But it will only come if you remain hopeful and still doing positive actions in life.

The only direction that is next for you is up, you've been down for a long time. You endure a lot of challenges and trials in life so the next thing for you is success. But don't rush because it will come in the right time. Just keep on working and doing the right things... things will change for you.

There is a good side about seeing the worst and experiencing the worst, you will never be afraid to lose anymore so it means your confidence has level up. You will become loose because you have nothing to lose. You're not even afraid to repeat the whole process again because you've already been harden by all the adversity that you experienced. So be proud of the scars and pain, it means you're  a real warrior.

Life is revolving, the world is rotating. You will never be forever in the bottom if you keep working hard and keeping your faith strong. One day you will be on top, it can be tomorrow or next week or even next month. Just keep waiting while moving. You've seen the worst but you will also see the best.

The only thing you need to do at the moment is to hold your head up high, maintain your belief, make it even stronger and keep pushing. Success is already coming at you, you don't need to look for it, it will bring itself infront of you, just wait and you will see.

February 23, 2017


Look for something that has a progress and that's it. If you can't see any progress in what you are doing then it means you don't love it bad enough. Even if you're not making big time results, if you can see progress then you're on your way to success.

So find a little progress in anything that you are doing, if you can see it and you are happy with it then it means you are on the right path. It's just a matter of time before you become successful, you just need to wait a little more, work hard a little more and be patient a little more.

If you are growing everyday then you will be happy even if the growth is very little, your motivation and determination will become stronger. Just keep on making that progress and you will see that you will go very far.

A lot of people quit because they can't see progress in their work. Or maybe there is but they are not appreciative of that little progress, they want to make it fast. They want to become big time in an instant which will never happen, having an overnight success only happens in movies that never sell.

Let's take body building as an example, it is really hard to make your muscles grow, you need a lot of time, you need to face a lot of pain that is why there are lot of wannabes who take steroids, they take shortcuts that makes them go back to the very beginning. The progress of body building can be seen not only from the growth of your muscles. You can make progress by adding small pounds to what you are lifting. You can add a few pounds every week or every month and that is already a progress. Your physical and mental strength is improving so that is a progress already even if your muscles were not yet growing. Be happy with it and keep progressing, soon you will begin to see that your muscles were already growing.

You can see progress not only on the results but also with the person you become. You can become better, stronger and smarter. You can learn a lot of things by simply repeating the process over and over again. You may not see big time results but there is a big transformation in your personality and that kind of progress is better than success.

You can honestly feel it if you are making a progress, but sometimes even if you don't feel that you are progressing you must stick with the process because sticking with it is already a progress, you do it everyday, you improve everyday even if you don't notice it. The truth is... if you are consistent and you are not stopping then you are already progressing.

February 23, 2017


All of us came from nothing, we were born naked without holding anything in our hands. We don't have house, clothes, jewelries, cars, money or food. That is why we all came from nothing and there is nothing to hold on to.

But when you grow up and started to learn some new tricks... you become possessive. You started to worry about money, things, bills, insurance, school, reputation, success etc. Do you really think that what you have is really yours? you only borrow those things, you cannot have it with you when you die, you cannot bring it with you to the other world. You came from nothing so you really don't have anything.

You should not feel pressure to lose something because you will still lose it in the future. Don't care too much for your properties because it is never permanent. It is just there to give you a little happiness, the real happiness is living life the way you wanted to live it without attaching yourself to anything or anyone. Don't feel too much pressure if you can't pay your car and the bank is about to get it from you, don't think too much about it because it is not yours, nobody owns it, even the bank doesn't own it.

If you will only understand that money, properties and reputation will never stay forever then you will have lesser pressure in your life.

If you feel no pressure maintaining your car then you can pay it easily, don't think about losing it so you will never lose it. Just relax and do your best, don't think about anything that will make your life difficult. Be open to losing it because you will never be able to keep it forever, it is  just a thing, it is only temporary. Being open to losing it will make you breathe easier, you will attract more opportunities in life because the pressure is not there anymore. Just have the mindset of nothing to lose so things will be easier to you.

If you have no pressure losing your money then you will have more money. Putting no value into something will make you easier to multiply it. That is the trick, don't be afraid to lose it so you can have it easily or even multiply it. Because the worrying is not there anymore, you will be able to make good decisions and take actions.

Don't feel bad about something if you lost it because you will still lose it in the future. You cannot keep anything or anyone forever, nothing is permanent in this world.

February 22, 2017


If you want to change then make a commitment for just two weeks. Swear to yourself that you will never break your commitment and you will endure all the difficulty of keeping it.

If you want to make your fat ass thin then you should commit to exercising and eating clean and healthy foods for just two weeks, it is not that long, once you passed the two weeks then you already changed. The results may not be there yet but the habits were already built and all you need to do is keep eating healthy foods and doing some sweaty activities.

Two weeks is all you need, it is the most difficult part but once you overcome the uncomfortable feelings in two weeks and you manage to not break your streak then you're already a different person. Congratulations to you because you did a good job, you're a different animal now.

Once you did something for two straight weeks, it is very difficult to break that habit, it has already a strong foundation in your system. Let's say you are jogging everyday for 2 straight weeks... you will feel different and weird if you're not yet jogging today, your body will search for that sweaty feeling and you will only feel good once you are done jogging.

So if you want to change from being a bum to a smart person then just read useful books for 2 straight weeks, you will see a big transformation in your life. Some of your bad habits will be replaced by good ones, habits that will contribute to your growth. It is very easy, 2 weeks is all you need so you better star counting now.

Your life can only change by building new habits that will make you a better person, all you need is two weeks to build a good habit and of course you have to maintain it. Maintaining is very easy because on those two weeks of enduring and disciplining yourself... your mind will start to record a new habit that you need to do, the habit that you build for two weeks will be automatic. You will do things without feeling heavy, it will be very easy for you to execute.

So count now, make today as your day one. Start a new habit that will change your life and do it for two straight weeks. Anyone can change, change is possible and easy.