January 19, 2017


No matter how you deny it, no matter what excuses you made, no matter how you act like you're brave and you're doing your best, the truth is you are scared of what you want that is why you can't get it. It's true, because if you really want it then you will do everything to get it. You want it but your heart is not fully committed.

You wanted to be a star player of your team, you practice everyday, you are doing everything to reach a different level but when the opportunity comes to show your talents... you shy away, you are afraid to lead your team, you are afraid to take the last shot because you are afraid to take the blame. The conclusion is... you are afraid of what you want. You know what you want but you are scared to touch it, you are so close but still you let the opportunity escape from your hands. You almost hold it but you didn't hold it tight. You are so scared that if you hold it with all your strength then you might not be able to handle the big responsibility. You are so afraid of commitment and stress to maintain what you want if it is already on your hands.

You wanted to become rich but you are so scared that you will work hard everyday and you will not be able to do the things that you love. You are also scared that you might fail. You want it but you are scared of it that is why you will never get it.

It is all about facing the fear that is paired with your dreams. If you really want it then don't be scared of it. Face the fear and try to do the best that you can do.

Many people are dreaming but they are so scared of their own dreams. They know what to do but they are not doing it. They are almost there but they are satisfied of just being near. And for the record, "almost" is in the vocabulary of losers, it is on page one, it is even bold and capitalized, it looks like this: ALMOST. So don't be satisfied of the word "almost". Push through until it is in your hands. Almost is unacceptable, it is disgusting, it is paired with regrets.

If your dream is too big and scary then don't dream about it, if you are scared then don't dream at all. Treat your dream as an ordinary dream because it really is. There is no big nor small dream if someone is willing to pursue it. Every dream is possible to reach so don't look at your dream as something big and cannot be achieved. Treat it as nothing and very easy to get, treat it like a bitch and you are never scared to come closer to it and grab it with your hands.

Because if you will just become scared when you are closer to it the my advise is don't even start because you will just fail in the end. It is ok to feel fear but it is not ok to become scared, being scared means you already submitted, being scared means you already let fear control you and the situation.

Don't be scared of what you want, embrace it and bring it home, it's all yours.

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