January 15, 2017


Even if you're the son of an emperor, even if you're the richest man in the world or most respected personality... you will still feel pain. No one is immune in pain, no one.

Look at those popular celebrities who are destroying their lives, there are many of them, I will not name one. They are rich, popular, they have everything yet why are they ruining their own lives? It is because they need to feel another emotion and that is pain. They want to feel it and that is the reason they create their own problems.

In life, you need balance, you can't just be happy forever or celebrating everyday because you will have a boring life. You think that having all the nice cars, houses, girlfriends, watches and limelight will make you happy? if it is true then why are there some millionaires who take their own life?

So if you are suffering now, if you are feeling pain then be happy with it because it means the universe is only balancing your life. It is making you feel what you needed to feel to learn some lesson.

That is the beauty of life, you can feel a lot of emotions. An emotion is what will keep you in motion.

May it be a negative or positive emotion.. appreciate it because it is still part of your life.

Pain cannot be remove in your life because without it... you are nothing. Even if you have a stable life or you are completely happy with how your life runs, pain will still visit you in an unexpected day so be ready for it and don't be stunned if you feel it.

Pain will make you grow, it hurts but you really needed it to know the deeper meaning of life.

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