January 05, 2017


Pain becomes even painful if you have worries. Fears and negative thinking is amplifying the pain to a higher level.

Compare a rich and a poor who haven't eat for one day. Who do yo think will feel the pain even more? of course the poor. It is because the poor is also thinking about tomorrow, he was hungry now but he also thinks that he will become hungry again tomorrow. He is worrying about where will he get his food, what could possibly happen to him and his family if he can't find the money to buy some food. And that worry makes his life more painful. It is a combination of mental and physical pain.

How about a rich guy who haven't eat for one day because he is on a strict diet. Yes he is hungry but do you think the situation is painful for him? Of course no, he knows that he can eat anytime. He knows that he is not going to die in starvation because there is a lot of food in his refrigerator. He is not feeling the pain of hunger because he is not worrying about anything. He is at peace even if he is hungry because there are no worries running inside of his head.

So if your business is going down bit by bit... don't worry because worries will only make your head cluttered. You won't be able to think right and find the right solutions how to make your business strong again. Instead of worrying just make little actions that will put your business in a better position. Try to overwrite your worries with action and that's it... problem solved.

That is why a team who has nothing to lose is very hard to beat. Even if they were down by a large margin you will see that they are still fighting, you will see that they are still enjoying the game that is why it is very easy for them to make a comeback. They don't have any worries that is why they were so loose and you won't see them getting tired. The pain of being down cannot be felt because they are so much having fun.

If you are in a bad spot, if you are in a terrible situation, all you have to do is stop worrying and then your situation will change easily. You can make right decisions if you don't have worries, you can move faster and think smarter if you don't have worries. In other words, you can breathe properly if you don't have any worries. Your belief can cover any pain.

It is like you are being strangled slowly if you have worries. You feel you are in danger, the pain is getting stronger and stronger as your worries become bigger. So if you don't want to feel the pain... stop worrying.

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