January 21, 2017


If you think that courage and swagger alone can save you or make you win... you better think again. We are living in a very competitive world now. Your connections or basic skills won't save you if you face a great competition. If you're not skilled enough or not ready then don't hope to get lucky because for sure you will be played by the greats. The great ones are the very experienced people who knows their craft very well and can easily play around if they saw that their opponent is just a rookie or simply trying to get lucky.

So if you will try something either about business, sports or arts then you should be very skilled so that you can also dominate and become successful. It's ok if you're not that great yet but don't ever compete or compare your skills to anybody because that will be the start of your falter.

So don't ever compete if you're not ready yet because the sharks will eat you alive. You will look like a milk fish that cannot even fight back. You need to prepare a lot and make dramatic improvement everyday so that you will gain a lot of confidence and trust in yourself.

You can start if you're not ready but don't aim too high very fast, you can aim high but yo have to get it gradually and slowly. You will get there, you just need to be patient and take your time building the necessary skills and knowledge to win the big prize. Because if you will try to get lucky and aim high quickly... you will fall down very hard and sometimes you cannot even stand up because of the brutal hit that you get.

Because you can become great too one day, you just need to wait, take your time and work consistently everyday. You will feel it if you are improving so don't worry about anything else. Just keep moving, keep grinding and make your way to the top.

You can't purely rely on luck and expect good things to happen even if you're not doing something. Luck is for lazy people, it is for someone who doesn't want to think and use his energy. The more you think about being lucky, the more you will become unlucky. Luck is very elusive to people who doesn't want to move.

Preparation and desire is what will bring luck into your life. You don't have to wait for it nor expect it. It will come if you are deserving and you put in the work to become successful.

Just dedicate your time to become a little bit better everyday. You will arrive at your destination if you will not stop. Stop thinking about anything else. Just set a a goal and pursue it no matter what.

Great people can never play you again if you are great too, you can compete with them and fight back. You can win games, win business, win anything in life if you are so much ready and willing to claim what you think is yours.

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