January 26, 2017


Are you thinking about partying later because some of your friends invited you to a party, you got excited, you are thinking about having fun already but wait a minute... Do you have money for that? Don't tell me you will never share expenses with your friends, are you sure you already finished your assignments before bumming around? Are you sure you don't have an important meeting tomorrow and none of your works will be affected if you got drunk and will not be able to work for the next day?

You are thinking about buying the nice clothe at the department store, wow it is so fancy, your friends will admire you once you wear it in your body... but wait a minute, did you pay your electric bills already? did you pay the rent of your house already? You're so excited of purchasing something but do you have enough money for that? Are you sure you will not be on debt once you made that kind of decision?

You want to eat that big burger but did you exercise yesterday? did you run a few kilometers to shed your fat? you want to add fat to your body but the previous fat was not burned yet. Do you want to become an obese or look like an elephant? Eating something without burning something in your body will give you an ugly fat ass.

Let's face it, don't be mad, if you didn't do something to deserve something then you don't deserve it. You can enjoy, have a lot of fun, buy everything you want and eat everything you want but make sure you already paid the dues so your life will not be out of balance.

Your mistake is you want to have fun right away but you are forgetting the responsibilities that you need to do first. A good life doesn't work that way. You can only have fun once you have the right to do it. You only have the right once your present situation will never be affected after having fun.

Because having fun first and making up later is not the right order of life. A lot of people thought that they can still do it after having fun first but lately they will found out that they were already trapped in a deep hole that they cannot escape.

Being responsible is somehow difficult but the good thing about it is it will give you an easy life, a more free life with lesser problems attached. You will only become free if you will jail yourself first and what is necessary. You can have a lot of time if you will do the right things on time.

Being irresponsible and always practicing instant gratification is very easy, it is fun but what will happen next... I am pretty sure you won't like it. You will rush, you will be out of tune, your rhythm will be very ugly because you don't have any rhythm at all.

Always be aware if you are prioritizing having fun first before doing what is needed, if you caught yourself in this kind pattern then you have to force yourself to get out before it is too late. Because you can have a lot of fun later if you already paid your dues.

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