January 11, 2017


The reason why you are scared for so long and your phobia hasn't go away in your life is because you treat fear as something special. You feel that fear is powerful and it can change your life, you give it a special treatment, you're a slave to it.

It is ok to feel fear but don't ever treat it as a big deal. Don't ever think that it can kill you nor it can destroy your life. It is just an ordinary random emotion that you feel and it will never stay in your system for the whole day. It will freeze you if you give it too much attention. So don't feel bad for yourself if you are always feeling it. The more you resist the more it will persist.

Because fear is just a feeling. It is not real nor can be touched. It is only in your mind.

There is no such thing as a man without fear. Everyone is scared, some people are just good in playing with their fears and replacing it with different emotion. They use fear as a motivation.

If you are scared it means you are normal and a right thinking person. If you can't feel fear anymore then that is the time you should be scared even more because there is already something wrong with you. People with no fear are the ones who are in the mental hospital, they don't have it because they can't feel anymore.

The trick here is to be aware if you are scared. A lot of people were not aware that they are scared. They panic, they let their emotions get the best of them. They just let the fear control them, they are not controlling themselves.

The good news is you can still control your thoughts and actions even if you are scared. Just relax and take a deep breathe. Slow down, never rush your actions, stay with the moment and soon you will see that your fear is going away. You should not be ashamed if you are scared, let it be in your body for a moment, let it sink in. The more you accept that you are feeling it, the sooner it will go away.

Fear can immobilize you or it can make you move. The choice is yours, if you let fear stick in your body for long hours by entertaining negative thoughts.. you're in big trouble. But if you move despite of being scared then you will be able to create a momentum that will shift your focus from fear to freedom.

Treat fear like a bitch, once you feel it... don't worry about it, always remember that it is just a feeling and it can't do you any harm. It is nothing but a negative emotion. Its source of power is your negative thoughts, once you feel hopeful despite of feeling fear... you can conquer any circumstances. You can go back to your true self and you can execute finer and useful actions.


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