January 17, 2017


Life, success and being top is all about staying longer and doing your job for as long as you can do it. It is not about a person who is talented and making hype for himself but will not stay on the journey whenever things go wild or hard. You've got to have the mentality to stay longer or even stay forever if you can.

But you can only stay longer if you are willing to suffer. You have to face the pain of growing, face the pain of toughening yourself. This can be achieved through thousands of hours of training, practicing and working until pain is nothing new to you anymore.

If you're a marathon runner, of course the prerequisite is you have to stay longer on the course, you have to stay until the end. But you can only do that, you can only win if you are willing to suffer in training. You can't just join the marathon and expect to become a champion right away, no one has ever done that. Your body and mind should be conditioned first to surpass the pain in running for long hours. Winning is all about preparation, you have to suffer if you want to stay longer. You have to feel the pain so you won't be stunned once you feel it in the real competition.

Same as other professional athletes who were getting paid very high. They need to suffer if they want their career to stay longer. They have to work extra hard if there is no game, they have to invest in themselves because if they don't do it... they will be left behind, someone will take their position. A lot of budding athletes are willing to suffer more and take their place.

A lot of people, once they become successful a little bit... they don't want to suffer anymore. They are happy with the little success they have, that is why they can't stay longer in the game. They were easily washed away by their laziness, they fall down easily and they can't stand up anymore.

That is why a lot of businessmen and any other successful personalities still work very hard even though they already have a lot of money. They knew that relaxing and being complacent will only make them fall down, they knew they need to grow and sustain all the hard work that they did from the past. Because that is the only way to stay in the game, that is the only way to stay on top.

So if you find yourself getting lazy and not doing anything to improve... you better be alert, you better have a sense of urgency because that comfort that you are experiencing now will be discomfort in the end if you keep on keeping your lazy habits.

It is all about who can work more, train more and grow more. It is all about who can take massive actions and make his situation a little bit better everyday. You have to suffer if you want to stay longer.

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