January 24, 2017


Fear is either created by negative thoughts or the stupid decisions that you did from the past. Fear is overrated, people believe it too much even though it is not real. Fear is not real, it is only in your head. The good news is you can destroy it because you are the only one who created it.

You will become scared if you are not prepared or if you don't know what is about to happen.

You are scared of your final exams because you didn't study your lessons. Now who created your fear? it is yourself right?

You are scared of the bank because you have debts and you didn't work extra hard to earn extra money to pay it. You are scared of their calls, they are threatening you that they will get some of your properties. Now tell me, who created that fear? it is no other than you and your laziness.

You will compete tomorrow but you are so damn scared that you might lose because you don't have confidence. And why is that? because you never practice hard. You bum on your practice, you watch movies, play video games and drink some beers. That fear was created by your stupid decisions and habits. You give life to that fear and now you have to kill it. But you can't because the time remaining is only little. You can only kill it through preparation and training hard. All you can do now is give your best but for sure you don't fully believe that you will win.

Any fear that you created, you can also kill it. You can outwork it and overwrite it. The number one killer of fear is hardwork, you have to work super hard and produce results so that everytime fear visits your brain... you can easily erase it by remembering the work that you put in from the past. There is no other way around, you can fool yourself and pretend that you are not scared but if you don't have any references that you did some work from the past then fear can easily dominate your brain.

Poor decisions and bad habits creates fear, once you did something wrong in the past or not productive then fear can easily strike your brain and control your emotions. Laziness is one of the best is summoning fears, same as procrastination. If you know that you didn't do something about your problem, if you didn't prepare, if you didn't take steps to solve it then you're in big trouble. Your mind will be easily dominated by negative thoughts. You will worry a lot and you will not be able to think clearly.

Fear can be killed by positive actions, good decisions and entertaining positive thoughts, and of course you know what to do, you just don't want to do it.

So while you still have time, kill your fears right away. Because the moment you found yourself having lesser time to solve your problems... the more your fear become stronger. It will suffocate you and leave you no room for breathing. Sometimes you will just even accept that you were already defeated.

You are the one responsible for your emotions, you created your own fear without knowing it. And because you are the creator you can also be the destroyer.

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