January 28, 2017


Always remember that you can use your own style and play something the way you wanted to play it. Are you sick and tired of being always told what to do? are you sick and tired of following some patterns that doesn't resonate with the way your body and mind naturally move? It is time for you to play the game they way you wanted to play it. Express yourself to the fullest and never mind if you look awkward or weird. It is your obligation to follow what your heart beats and be genuine as much as you can. Because if you will behave and think naturally then success will be more attracted to you.

Enjoy playing the game, move without restrictions and let your body and mind become totally free without worries.

For example in basketball, a lot of gurus out there will tell you what is the correct form in shooting the basketball so you will be able to have a higher percentage of shooting it. If what they are preaching is true then everyone who follows them will be a great player but the truth is not. You can shoot it however you want it, even if your form looks ugly as long as you are shooting the basketball then you will be fine.

They key here is to fall in love with your movement, execute your actions with your heart and simply enjoy every second. Appreciate that you can move your body and you can do a lot of things, as simple as that. It is your duty to follow your authenticity and move according to the real you. Just move and do what you feel is right, become unstoppable, if they can't stop you then that is their big problem.

You can even make your own rules and if you are confident enough to prove that you are right and stand for what you believe in... they will also believe you and even follow you.

Life is to be played, it is not to be followed. If you don't want to follow someone even if his suggestions are somehow realistic and can make you better... then don't. Use your instincts because even if you are wrong, if you follow your heart then you will be really happy. That is why there are lot of people out there who were so happy even if they fail, it is because they do it their way, they simply become happy by just following their heart and never conforming to other people. They experience the real freedom, they experience how it feels to be really alive.

Because you will feel like dead f you can't express yourself and do things your way. You will feel useless even if you are winning if you can't achieve total freedom that can only happen by being yourself one hundred percent. You can feel so alive if you will not stop yourself from doing what you truly want.

Don't be afraid to look wrong to the eyes of many if you feel like you are right.

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