January 20, 2017


If your main goal before you come to work is to finish fast and go home early then you better not come to the office because you will only have a bad day. Because you are suppose to go there to work and not to finish. Because the truth is your work will never end, it has no ending. You will work forever so why are you striving to finish your work?. Some parts or let's say portion of your work will be done, let's say chapter one is finish but chapter 2 will come so you better have a mindset that your work will never end so you will not be stressed in life. Even if you finish your work before the deadline, there are still some works that will come. It will never end, one work will be replaced by another work and that is the reality.

So don't give too much pressure on yourself that you have to finish fast because you will never reach the finish line if you are capable of working. If you are working then you have to work, you have to enjoy working, don't look at the finish line because it will only make you stressed and pressured. Because the point of having work is to work and not to finish. You still have to come to work tomorrow if you finish your work today so what is the point in pushing yourself too much? But it also doesn't mean that you can become lazy in your work, the idea here is don't get too hard on yourself if you can't have a momentum in your work. Don't be mad of yourself if everyone is fast and you are a little bit slow. Allow yourself to slowdown if you need to but don't ever get lazy, keep moving and never stop.

If you can love your work no matter how hard it is then you will never be stressed in life anymore. Of course you will experience some problems in your work but it will never make you cuss your work. Some people can't even appreciate their work that is why they can't improve their lives. They keep on complaining about it, they keep on whining and bitching around that is they their situation cannot get any better. Appreciate it and just work it, that is how to enjoy it.

Some people go to work and will wait for their paycheck everyday. Even if it is still 14 days remaining before their next paycheck, they will still always look at the calendar and count how many days left before getting their money. This is a bad thing to do because it means you are not working, it means you are waiting.

Working is about the journey, it is about movement and not always looking to finish so you can rest. It is not about waiting for paychecks and then feeling good on that day only. It is about working and working, it never ends, it is about appreciating that you are moving and doing something good for the economy.

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