January 13, 2017


Playing safe is really dangerous, you thought it is safe but the reality is not. It is dangerous because it makes you stuck, there is no growth for playing that shit.

You play safe and avoid criticisms, you never show your talent, you are quiet even though deep inside you wanted to express yourself in someways. But what did you do? you keep your mouth shut and pretend to be dumb. And what did you get by doing that? nothing.

You play safe and you never leave your job for fifteen years even though the company is not treating you right. You thought that it is hard to find another job because of recession and many people are unemployed so you think that you just better be happy because you have a job. And now that fifteen years is gone, you haven't growth, you haven't learn any new tricks from that bullshit company. And of course your paycheck hasn't improve too. Now tell me, is playing safe really safe? And now you wanted to look for a new job but you are scared again because this time you think that you are too old and no company will accept you. You are full of regrets, you don't know what to do anymore, that is what you get by playing safe.

There is no growth in playing safe, I don't know why a lot of people do it even though they knew that their life will never change if they do it. Playing safe looks safe but in the long run you will still get fucked up. You will see that your life is not progressing and you are not getting any benefits from it. Your confidence is not getting better, you are not stretching yourself. You're the same person as yesterday with no new knowledge acquired.

And the baddest thing about playing safe is you will wonder what could happen if you take risk before. You will always think about the opportunity that you didn't grab. It is like you are here but you wanted to be there. You are really not satisfied with your safe decision.

So take the risk even if it looks dangerous. Be ready to fail and get embarrassed. Well, at least you reward yourself of taking the opportunity. You din't deprive yourself of the chances that you can have a better life.

Playing safe is like stopping yourself from seeing the better and finer things in life. Yes, nothing bad happened to you but you will realize it when you grow old that your decision is wrong. That is why a lot of old folks wanted to go back to the past. They want to go back and take the opportunity that was presented to them. But it is too late now, the time machine was not invented yet. All they can do is wait for their death and hope that there is a second life so they can do better next time.

So if you don't want to have any regrets in life then stop playing safe, claim what you think is yours. Grab every opportunity that is in front of your face and never let big things escape from your hands. Because even if you fail, at least you know what is possible and you were able to explore the unknown territory.


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