January 17, 2017


Because you're not looking for it. You thought you are looking, you pretend that you are looking but the truth is you're not. You just try a few times and when it gets hard you quit. You make excuses, you entertain laziness and now you're in big trouble.

You applied for a job online, you pass applications and then you turn off your computer because you got tired and you have to rest but after waking up what did you do? you turn on the television and you watch "the running zombie" for 12 straight hours. After doing it you focus on your cellphone and chat with your friends in facebook, now tell me why are you not seeing the opportunity? is it because you are pretending to be blind or you are literally blind?

Opportunity will never visit your life if you are not focus on it, it is a one hundred percent commitment. You have to stay away from things that are veering you off away from your dreams. The opportunity is already there, there are millions of opportunities, the only way to get it is to attract it with your actions. The moment you didn't think about the opportunities you want to attract in your life then that is the time that it will get away, even if just for a day.

You actions will be the basis of your results, second is your thoughts. Look at yourself, assess yourself honestly and find out what is making your life miserable and unproductive. What are the thoughts running inside of your head? what are you doing now? If you can give an answer to yourself honestly without making excuses and protecting your own bad mistakes then you can change your life.

Like I said there are millions of opportunities but you are also wasting a million time that is why you can't get it. You always think that the right time will come but did it really come? why is the right time not coming? Because you are not using your time right.

All you have to do is think about that opportunity you want to attract, do something about it. Little actions then little actions then little actions again. All of those actions will accumulate in the end and will turn into bigger results.

You just need to be patient, push a little harder, wait a little longer and then harvest all of the prizes that you will get from your actions. Take your time and never quit until you win. You can attract the opportunity you want if you are willing to attract it.

If you can't see an opportunity then you have to create for the opportunity. Your present situation is not your destination, things will change if you will change. So make the most out of your time and do what is needed. Sacrifice instant pleasures and place your eyes and mind to what you needed to do. The next pieces will fall into your hands naturally and gradually.

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